Bright HS Student Says What We Are All Thinking About American Education

Jeff Bliss

Take Notes: Student Explains In Front Of His Class What We’re All Thinking About Our Education System Ten Simple Strategies for Re-engaging Students We are the future of America. We have to fight for what is ours. Duncanville High School student Jeff Bliss got in trouble in class for talking out of turn. Someone get this guy a Mega Phone

I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate

Suli Breaks

Take notes: Title of video: I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate Suli Breaks Youtube Channel: Here Suli Breaks Facebook: Here Every school has a policy on inequality (3:10) Abortion is wrong but teen parents are looked down on (3:46) Tuition increases every single year

Why I Hate School But Love Education


As the cyclical and seemingly never ending debate about education rages on, the topic – somewhat ironically, often poses more questions than it provides answers. But what is the value of mainstream schooling? Why is it that some of the most high profile and successful figures within the Western world openly admit to never having completed any form of higher learning? Paying homage to Jefferson Bethke’s “Why I Hate Religion but Love… Read More

College Offers Top Applicants Two-Thirds Off


FOR STUDENT WITH THEIR SIGHTS SET ON A PRIVATE COLLEGE THE ANXIETY COMES AS A ONE-TWO PUNCH: first from competing with thousands of others for a precious few spots, then from trying to scrape together up to $50,000 a year to foot the bill.

Can We Educate Our Way Out of the Unemployment Crisis?


PRESIDENT BARAK OBAMA SPEND YESTERDAY IN CALIFORNIA, FIELDING QUESTIONS ABOUT ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY AND PUTTING AMERICA BACK TO WORK at a Silicon Valley town hall hosted by social media site LinkedIn. As the nation grapples with a 9.1 percent unemployment rate, the connection between education and ending the nation’s unemployment crisis dominated the conversation.

5 Things Our Kids Won’t Have In School


by: Evan V. Symon If you went to a school classroom 200 years ago, you’d see something remarkably similar to what we have today:A teacher talking to rows of kids sitting at little desks, each pretending to follow along in a textbook. Maybe the blackboard has been replaced with a whiteboard or a PowerPoint, but those basics haven’t changed in generations.But they’re about to. Some of the most iconic staples of school… Read More

Subsidized Internet for free-lunch student


By Yesenia Robles Slightly more than a third of all Colorado students qualify for free lunches, and starting this school year, those kids also will qualify for low-cost broadband Internet access if their neighborhoods are served by Comcast. “A lot of families have had to make a lot of tough choices between Internet or cable, for instance, and school supplies or health care,” said Chris Watney, president of the Colorado Children’s Campaign…. Read More

For-profit colleges adopt new self-regulation standards


Most of these standards are based on existing federal and state rules to improve transparency and disclosure. New steps include a free 21-day trial for students before they decide to take up a course with the college. About 17 percent of the for-profit colleges have signed up for this, a spokesman for the Foundation for Educational Success, which represents these colleges, said in an e-mail to Reuters.