5 Things Disney Can Teach You About The World

what disney tells us about the world

Cartoons haven’t always taught me right from wrong cough* Itchy and Scratchy cough* but that doesn’t mean they haven’t taught me anything. In fact I have learned a great deal about the world from cartoons especially those created by Disney and Pixar.   1. Haters On The Prowl I find it wildly annoying to hear about people’s imaginary haters. Particularly when they aren’t necessarily doing anything to  deserve people’s envy. However; haters… Read More

10 Feelings You Get While Studying


As you probably know studying pulls on many emotions. Most of these emotion are very difficult to put into words, soooo I figured I would convey them with meaningful gifs. You can thank me later. 1.Loneliness   2.  Trapped   3.Failure   4. QWOP’ed out   5. Deep Sadness   6. Cluelessness   7. Terror   8.  Suicidal 9. Astonished 10. Eureka!    

‘Lion’ still king of the jungle


IN 1994, “The Lion King” WAS RELEASED AS DISNEY’S 32ND ANIMATD FILM. THIS FEATURE-LENGTH CARTOON CARRIED ON THE RICH TRADITION OF DISNEY FILMS— of course characterized by memorable plots and characters ripped off from centuries-old sources (see works by the brothers Grimm, the Bible and Shakespeare) and harried parents ushering their screaming children into a darkened theater, praying for an hour-long distraction for their children under the guise of “family time.” In… Read More