Father Sues Cornell For $180 Million Over Son’s Death

Flickr: Averian

The father of Cornell student who committed suicide last year by jumping off a bridge near campus has filed a suit against the university asking for $180 million dollars in damages. Howard Ginsburg, father of late student Bradley Ginsburg, alleged in his filing last week that the school should have taken more proactive measures to ensure the safety of the bridges, as well as letting parents know about the severity of the… Read More

Somalia: On the Brink, Out of the Spotlight


By Harry DiFrancesco Is the world about to watch 750,000 Somalis starve to death?” The opening line to a story I read in Friday’s New York Times. Given the fact that the story didn’t even make the front page of the International Section, let alone A1 — it was buried on A5 — I couldn’t help but respond to the question with an emphatic “NO.”

Look Better Naked


By Amelia Brown In the TV show Arrested Development, the character Tobias Fünke is revealed to have a very dirty secret. He is caught showering, not in the nude, but in …  shorts! Jean cut-off shorts, which he indeed wears at all times under his clothing. The show jokingly describes Tobias as part of a clandestine cult of men who always wear denim shorts, deemed “Never Nudes.”

Disease Threatens Banana


By Nicholas St. Fleur Bananas are America’s favorite fresh fruit. Every year Americans eat more of them than apples and oranges combined. But unlike apples, for which there are Granny Smiths, Red Delicious, Fuji, among others, and oranges, which are members of the citrus family, there is only one banana variation readily found in American markets: the Cavendish.