Lyor Cohen’s Blueprint

“From Run DMC to Roc-a-Fella, from DMX to Young Thug, Lyor Cohen discovered and broke some of the most prolific musical acts of our time at the helm of the biggest labels. In a conversation that spans his decades of leadership in the industry, he shares how failing as a party promoter led him to working for Russell Simmons, how he invented the 360 deal, surviving the turmoil of the business, and… Read More

Jon Buscemi’s Blueprint

“Jon Buscemi details how he went from Wall Street to founding an eponymous lifestyle brand that marries hip-hop to high fashion.” -Complex Subscribe to Complex on YouTube: Part I: Foundation 1. Appreciate Your Surroundings 2. Start Hustling Early 3. Make Sacrifices 4. Play To Your Strengths 5.  Connect With Collaborators Part II: Second Story 1. Always Fight Back 2. Know When To Pivot 3. Create For Yourself 4. Adapt To The… Read More

John McPheters’ Blueprint

“John McPheters helped bring the consignment model to footwear at Flight Club then struck out on his own with Stadium Goods, taking the company from conception to nine figures in just two years with no ceiling in sight.” – Complex Subscribe to Complex on YouTube: Part I: Foundation 1. Acting Like You Belong 2. Play To Home Advantage 3. Utilize Relationships 4. Pitch Yourself 5. Steer Your Own Destiny Part II:… Read More

Will Packer’s Blueprint

“While Hollywood underestimated Will Packer, the self-taught super producer developed nine No. 1 films and pulled in $1 billion at the box office. From his Atlanta estate, he shows Complex how he proved the bankability of people of color and helped launch the careers of Kevin Hart, Idris Elba, and more.” – Complex Subscribe to Complex on YouTube: Part I: Foundations 1. I Believe I Can Do Anything 2. Get It… Read More

Todd McFarlane’s Blueprint

Todd McFarlane opens up about his career as a comic book artist that includes making Spider-Man cooler and creating the Spawn character. He also shares his blueprint to launching Image Comics and McFarlane Toys. – Complex “I’m In Business To Drive My Art” Part I: Foundation 1. Find Your Passion 2. Learn The Details 3. Look For An Opening 4. Be Persistent 5. Make It Sexy 6. Fight The Status Quo 7…. Read More