‘I Watched My Legs Get Crushed’ -College Freshman (Vid)


Anna Beninati, the Colorado State University freshman that lost her legs while trying to jump onto a moving train in Longmont that was headed to Fort Collins, got a chance to thank her rescuers on Saturday at the Longmont Fire Awards Ceremony, according to Fox31. It was her first time returning to Longmont since the tragic accident that cost Beninati both of her legs. “I never would have made it this far… Read More

Protesting College Student Pays Tuition In Dollar Bills


UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO SOPHOMORE NIC RAMOS REPORTEDLY PAID OFF HIS ENTIRE $14,309.51 TUITION LAST SEMESTER WITH A 33 LBS DUFFEL BAG OF CASH—dollar bills and change. He did this to show how expensive college is, or something.