How To Ace An In Class Essay


THREE HOURS. ONE ESSAY PROMPT… ON TWELVE NOVELS. Probably one of the more extreme examples of an English final examination that I have had to take. Sounds insane, but with a certain mindset and a decent amount of preparation beforehand, essay exams are actually not that bad. As a literature major, I get a lot more written midterms and finals. I have not encountered scantrons and multiple choice exams in a while…. Read More

Brown U Ordered To Turn Over Video Records In Rape Case


PROVIDENCE, R.I. — A federal judge has ordered Brown University to turn over fundraising and donation records of an alumnus whose daughter says she was raped in 2006.

Dos and Don’ts of Doing Work at a Coffee Shop


When you’re working on huge paper or studying for that insane midterm, sometimes you need to put yourself in a new environment in order to stimulate your brain cells. I usually go to the library for peace and quiet, but there is a growing trend of students venturing off campus to local coffee shops to do their work. This seems like a pretty good deal. You camp out at your favorite table,… Read More

5 College Basketball Players Primed for a Big Season

Clay Jackson/

WE ARE ONLY ABOUT A MONTH AWAY FROM THE TIP-OFF OF COLLEGE BASKETBALL IN WHAT LOOKS TO BE THE ONLY HOOPS WE WILL SEE THIS WINTER. Last year, the country witnessed the Naismith Player of the Year race come down to two players: UConn’s Kemba Walker and BYU’s Jimmer Fredette. Jimmer eventually prevailed by winning the trophy, but Kemba won his team a ring. Which players are primed for an outstanding season… Read More

Bring Your Gun To Class Day: Colleges Are Considering It


COLLEGE IS OFTEN A STUDENT’S FIRST TIME AWAY FROM HOME, WHICH OFTEN MEANS THE FIRST TIME MOM AND DAD ARE NOT THERE TO KEEP TABS on them. That is one of the reasons administrators take precautions to assure student safety. Some schools hand out rape whistles, others have emergency call boxes placed around campus. Some campuses are now considering allowing students to carry concealed weapons on campus.

17 Hip Hop Stars Who Went to College


Article by EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT KANYE WEST DECIDED HE WAS BETTER OFF WITHOUT A HIGHER EDUCATION – see his incredibly successful album, ”College Dropout”. But what about the rappers who stayed in school? Being educated may not be part of the hip hop image, but it has helped a lot of high-profile rappers achieve success. Rap Stars with Degrees While not everyone on this list has graduated, every hip hop artist… Read More

9 Tips Every College Student Should Know


Whether you’re a know-it -all or a nimrod, here are a few tips every college student should know.

10 Types of Clothing that need to go after college


Everyone wants to be taken seriously after college, both personally and professionally. After graduation comes the real world, and the real world requires a real wardrobe. There is no longer an excuse to appear unkempt. It’s time to rethink what you put on before you walk out the door each morning.

Use Pepper to Keep Your Colors Bright


by Laura Schluckebier Laundry is an on-going battle in college. You’re either trying to find spare quarters for the wash, cursing the non-working washers and dryers, or battling out with other students for that last free washer on Sunday night at 11:00. We’ve got to separate our colors, remember not to dry that already tight shirt or else it’ll shrink, and deal with the colors in our clothes fading after washing them… Read More

For-profit colleges adopt new self-regulation standards


Most of these standards are based on existing federal and state rules to improve transparency and disclosure. New steps include a free 21-day trial for students before they decide to take up a course with the college. About 17 percent of the for-profit colleges have signed up for this, a spokesman for the Foundation for Educational Success, which represents these colleges, said in an e-mail to Reuters.