Young Zuckerberg: What Was Facebook Suppose To Be?


In 2005, Young Zuckerberg had a narrow vision for Facebook. “I mean, I just really want to see everyone focus on college and make a really cool college directory product,” he told the interviewer. “There doesn’t necessarily have to be more…Part of making a difference and doing something cool is focusing intensely.” What do you think Facebook is? “I think Facebook is an online directory for colleges…If I want to get information… Read More

What Did The Last 10 Presidents Look Like In College?


Even the commander and chief was a freshman at one point. The leader and former leaders of our country did big things as presidents but there was a time when they were scrambling to make deadlines just like you. It is hard to get a sense of their youth when you look at pictures of them now, so I have assembled old school snapshots of the last 10 presidents of the USA…. Read More

Jeremy Lin On ‘How to Get into Harvard’

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Hundreds of thousands of students all over the world dream to be admitted to an Ivy League or similarly elite institution. Getting into a college like Harvard, Stanford, or Princeton has become wildly difficult due to a rapidly growing applicant pool which leads to increased competition. But no need to fear, there are several ways to increase your odds of getting into an Ivy league school like Harvard. Lucky for you, basketball… Read More

The 10 Best Cities for Young People to Find Jobs


By LEAH KONEN, The Fiscal Times For recent college grads, the future may seem bleak. In 2010, employment among young adults was at the lowest rate since World War II. The average college graduate carries more than $25,000 in debt, and millions of them are trading sexy dreams of big city lofts and office happy hours for a not-so-sexy reality of cruising job sites on Mom and Dad’s couch. If you’re a… Read More

No Class: January 29, 2012


Every Sunday Bright Futura will feature all the funny, witty, irrelevant, and nonsensical, gifs, videos, pictures and images that we have found and or made from the week. We will be putting all this extreme amusement in a post called No Class. For those students who use Bright Futura as a resource for informational articles and interesting college news coverage, please be advised that No Class is not for you. Commence the… Read More

How Hard Is It For A PhD To Find A Job?

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A consequence of the “Great Recession,” states across the country have been mired in debt and forced to make dramatic cuts to higher education. As funding for higher education constricts, fewer tenure track academic positions for recent graduates are opening as universities increasingly turn to economically cheaper adjunct and part-time professors to instruct their ballooning classes. Amid this reduction in the demand for PhDs is the fact that the United States is… Read More

10 New Year’s Resolutions for a More Successful 2012


The person you were last year no longer exists. All that matters is who you are on New Year’s Day and who you become by the end of the year. January 1st is a perfect time to make a personal change, but it’s also a perfect time for students to make big changes to their lifestyle and careers. The 12 resolutions below are for students hoping to thrive in every way possible… Read More

Use Your Snooze Alarm to Stay On Task in the Morning

digital alarm clock

While staying in bed and snoozing your alarm will certainly make you late for work, reader Mythimna shows us how you can use it to keep you moving quickly in the morning. Instead of snoozing your alarm while staying in bed, snooze it as you run around the house getting ready to leave: If you have trouble staying on task in the morning, don’t turn off your alarm. Just hit snooze. Each… Read More

Why Employeers Are Unsatisfied With College Grads


Employer unhappiness with college graduates is nothing new. As the president of the University of Washington, Michael K. Young, told me recently, “employers have never been happy with the graduates colleges are producing.” Still, with three million unfilled jobs in a bad economy, it stands to reason that some employers are having difficulty finding the right workers. In the past few months, at conferences, at dinners, and on airplanes, I’ve had the… Read More

Grade Inflation: Colleges With the Easiest and Hardest Grades


(MoneyWatch)  Grade inflation has been raging for years on college campuses, but professors at some schools have never got the message to go easy on the grading. Where do college students encounter the toughest grading? Stuart Rojstaczer, a former Duke professor, who created, compiled a list of schools earlier this year of the toughest graders. At the 16 colleges and universities on the list, it’s significantly harder to get A’s than… Read More