Do The Lines On Red Solo Cup Mean Something?

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According to the red solo cup graphic below going across the inter webs, the lines on a Solo cup actually mean something. Apparently, people are only now learning to read between the lines The bottom line is an appropriate serving for liquor: 1 ounce. The middle line marks 5 ounces: the serving size for wine. And the next line is a perfect serving for beer. However despite this awesome convenient little measuring… Read More

15 Dances You Should Avoid At College Parties


If you’re too embarrassed to dance at parties, you may be missing out on a lot what makes being young so amazing. When you get old and gray you will look back and wish with all your might that you had shook your booty on the dance floor when you were younger. Many people think it’s too challenging but finding your rhyme is doable–no matter what haters say. It doesn’t take much… Read More