How to Find a Date in the Library

hot girls in library

Have you ever wonder how to find a date in the library, sure you have. Well lucky for you Bright Futura is on the up and up and is ready to give you the break down. You can thank us later!   Location, location, location. Scoping out a seat in the library is the key element to landing a date. Chances are, you won’t find a hottie while you’re hiding in the… Read More

7 Signs of a Gentleman: How Not To Be A Douche


  Let’s face it, the breed of true gentleman is endangered. With all these playas, pimps and downright a-holes it sadly is a special occasion when you find a guy that is truly respectful. This weekend I was lucky enough to meet one of those rare gentleman and here are some qualities I noticed that I have witnessed hardly ever. 1. Holds the Door Open. This seems simple enough, but when a guy… Read More

10 Tips For Surviving College Relationships


Relationships are hard in general. College relationships are really hard, but not impossible. Both of us dealt with our share of short-term and long-term relationships in college, and we learned a lot about what makes them work and what makes them crumble. Here are some of the most important lessons we learned from our personal college relationships: