Ready For Finals: Kobayashi Downs 42 Cups Of Joe (VID)


Finals are in full effect. And when finals rear their ugly head whats the most old school means of fighting them off? Coffee! And while I am sure you have drank an impressive amount of coffee, I highly doubt you’ve ever come close to a stunt like this. In the clip below,┬áTakeru Kobayashi drinks FORTY TWO cups of coffee in just a couple of minutes. Kobayashi shows no signs of being full,… Read More

How Many Red Bulls Would It Take To Kill You?


It’s late, you’ve been working and studying for hours. Caffeine is pumping in your veins because you’ve drunk 2 Red Bulls and three cups of coffee in the last 6 hours. If you drink a red bull now, what are the chances that you’ll die? Lucky for you, the crazy people at energyfiend developed a tool that can solve problems just like this one. Just enter your weight and type of beverage… Read More

Dos and Don’ts of Doing Work at a Coffee Shop


When you’re working on huge paper or studying for that insane midterm, sometimes you need to put yourself in a new environment in order to stimulate your brain cells. I usually go to the library for peace and quiet, but there is a growing trend of students venturing off campus to local coffee shops to do their work. This seems like a pretty good deal. You camp out at your favorite table,… Read More