7 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dorm Clean

Messy Room

I am no stranger to dirty dorms. I’m not a neat freak, but I’m not a slob either. I’ve had sparkly clean roommates, a roommate who puked in the sink over Christmas Break and didn’t clean it up till school started back…yeah gross. Over the years I’ve learned that keeping your room clean, not only helps clear your mind and keep you slightly less stressed but overall it helps keep your college… Read More

10 Easy Ways to Save Space in Your Dorm Room


by Rachel Bennett School has arrived, and while you may be excited to start classes and make new friends, there’s one thing you may not be so excited about: your tiny dorm room. Some of you may be used to sharing a small room with someone, but for most of us, college means leaving our own comfortable space at home and moving into a room the size of a shoebox – only… Read More