Batman vs Superman vs Iron-man vs Spider-Man


Question: What if Batman, vs Superman, vs Iron-man, vs Spider-man?” spontaneous melee…. The obvious choice is Batman and I am not being biased. All four get together and start going at it in some cosmic twist of coincidence. Well, teams will form and that’s when it will be all over, Batman will hold his own against Spider-Man, and Iron-Man will immediately tackle the strong of the 2 which will be his undoing…. Read More

5 Things Batman Can Teach You About College

what batman can teach you about college

(Warning Contains Minor Spoilers: But if you haven’t seen TDK by now you should just quit at life.) 1. Have A Plan That Makes Sense And Works. There were plenty of examples in this film of poor planning and lack of a strategy — For instances When Commissioner Gordon sends all of his cops underground. Seriously‚Ķ very dumb! Or when Batman being as out of shape as he was, goes to face… Read More