How To Hide Facebook From Your Boss

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So you’re at work or at your internship and you want to check Facebook because lets face it you’re a junky. But what happens if your boss catches you! Hmm… what ever shall you do? Well, we have the answer. Well we personally don’t, BUT lucky for you we’ve found some brilliant and sneaky people who do. The great people at have created a way for you to check Facebook like… Read More

6 Free Smart Phone Apps: Perfect For Study Breaks


There are a number of great iphone apps for students out there, but as a student that is always studying you may find that sometimes a study break is necessary. So luck for you, we have put together a list of apps that will do a great job of keeping your mind off of studying, so can get back to the books refreshed and ready to learn. 1. Flying Hamster There is nothing more… Read More

20 Amazing iPhone Apps Developed By Students

Apps Developed by students

Have an idea for an App but feel like you need to wait until after undergrad to develop it. These students didn’t! While we were all sleeping in class these bright young minds were changing the way we interact with the world around us. Take a look, download, enjoy and be inspired by the list of 24 amazing iPhone apps developed by young promising students. 1. Battery Go! Jeff Lange, Michael Phelps… Read More

The Rise of Casual Gaming


THE TERM “GAMER” APPLIES TO MORE PEOPLE NOW THAN EVER BEFORE.The word used to be reserved for someone heavily invested in traditional video games, in terms of both time and money. With the growing popularity of smartphones, personal media players capable of running applications and games which integrate with social networks, there are now millions of casual gamers, however. The rise of casual games represents a major shift in the video game… Read More