Why America Should Never Legalize Marijuana


1. Psycho-Pharmaceuticals & Other Prescription Drug Sales Would Decrease Sure, Xanax helps you with being stressed but if American’s had the choice they would toss the liver destroying pharma drugs and take bong rips, while watching Adventure Time and vegein’ out on the coach after work. I know what you are thinking, zero down sides here. Wrong! Have you taken a second to think about all of the big multimillion dollar pharmaceutical… Read More

You Thought Your Dorm Was Bad: America’s Smallest Apt


As a high school student you probably have lavish ideas of what college will be. The freedom! No curfew, no parents, no space…? Most rising freshmen don’t recognize that dorms usually don’t live up to the expectation of college. Does Size Matter? You’ve more than likely have heard of the tiny, institutional dorms rooms that await you upon your arrival at school. Unfortunately, these aren’t just stories. While you probably wont be… Read More