Time on Facebook (kind of) helps your GPA


Facebook might not be to blame for that C you got in economics, a new study published last week finds. The survey of 1,839 undergraduates found no real evidence to support the popular belief that spending time on Facebook hurts student’s grades.

Why Chinese students put us to shame


This summer, I spent 7 weeks teaching English in Jiangsu province, China. While I was there, I became progressively more and more Chinese. The superficial, cultural traits I picked up – driving like a maniac, clicking my fingers at waitresses, proposing a toast every five minutes to anyone I’m remotely enjoying having dinner with – are proving that they can be unlearned (which is probably just as well, as “when in Rome”… Read More

Making the grade


By Beau Hayhoe | and Ian Kullgren Amidst the start of an academic year with record tuition rates and the largest incoming freshman class in history, one well-recognized ranking provides some evidence education quality at MSU is stable. On Tuesday, U.S. News and World Report released its 2012 list of Best Colleges, a nationally distributed report that takes into account everything from class sizes to student-faculty ratios to graduation rates in measuring… Read More