7 Professors You’re Lucky You Never Had


The semester might be rough and sure your professor seems a little crazy but imagine if you had this kooks as instructors. Below Is A List Of Professors You Should Be Grateful You’ve Never Encountered 7. Professor Oak Professor Oak would be the strangest biology professor hands down. I mean the man thought nothing of giving an adolescent boy an electrically charged squirrel. What makes you think he would be in his… Read More

Phone Reminders Not Working: Post-It Note Watch!


If you aren’t hip to reminder apps or you want a low-tech solution to your poor memory, we got the solution.  Post-It Note Watch! It allows you to simply stick your notes around your wrist and BLAM! Instant reminder.

20 Amazing iPhone Apps Developed By Students

Apps Developed by students

Have an idea for an App but feel like you need to wait until after undergrad to develop it. These students didn’t! While we were all sleeping in class these bright young minds were changing the way we interact with the world around us. Take a look, download, enjoy and be inspired by the list of 24 amazing iPhone apps developed by young promising students. 1. Battery Go! Jeff Lange, Michael Phelps… Read More

DrawTop Turns Your Laptop Into A Whiteboard


This new vinyl laptop sticker will take the others back to their drawing boards. Thanks to a brilliant new invention, you can turn your laptop into a whiteboard. DrawTop is the creation of Ryan Mitchell and Erik Fogg, a pair of students who wanted to give others a low-tech canvas that could accompany their laptop wherever they went. Rather than lugging around a whiteboard, they invented DrawTop.

How Your Backpack May Be Killing You [Infographic]


While super thin laptops, iPads, Kindles, and other gadgets have reduced the weight of certain items we lug around, the problem of students over burdening themselves with heavy backpacks continues. Many of us fail to understand the essentials and over-estimate what we really need to strap to our backs every day. Thanks to a new infographic from Carrington College, it’s easier to understand the problems associated with humongous book bags. There are… Read More

Time on Facebook (kind of) helps your GPA


Facebook might not be to blame for that C you got in economics, a new study published last week finds. The survey of 1,839 undergraduates found no real evidence to support the popular belief that spending time on Facebook hurts student’s grades.

How To Deal With Professors Who Hate You


There are someone professors who don’t wait till Halloween to be horrifying and there are others who may just not like you. Whatever your situation, these 7 tips can help you deal with a professor that hates you:

Staying Afloat During The Semester


We never realize how much can happen in the first month of the semester until it actually happens. We all say to ourselves, “Sure I can go out to the bar tonight, even though it’s Tuesday. What else do I have to do?” The thing is, we never answer that second part of the thought: “What else do I have to do?” We all know damn well what we have to do… Read More

How To Ace An In Class Essay


THREE HOURS. ONE ESSAY PROMPT… ON TWELVE NOVELS. Probably one of the more extreme examples of an English final examination that I have had to take. Sounds insane, but with a certain mindset and a decent amount of preparation beforehand, essay exams are actually not that bad. As a literature major, I get a lot more written midterms and finals. I have not encountered scantrons and multiple choice exams in a while…. Read More

6 Websites That Will Save Your Academic Life


Take it from someone who has graduated, college is only as easy as you make it. Throughout my years in college I have relied on only a few sites to assist me in my academics. I graduated with a degree in English, so the list here is a little biased in terms of subject matter but I tried to make it accessible to everyone. I will show you my favorite sites, and… Read More