Student Review Of Jack Johnson’s Christmas Album

It’s getting to be that time of year again. Mounds of mallows topping off mugs of hot cocoa, well-placed mistletoe dangling overhead, and the same Christmas songs you hear every damn December.

But not now. Not this year. Not with This Warm December.

Jack Johnson and Co. are back again with their second album chalked full of classics for the holidays, both new and old. If you love “Frosty the Snowman,” then you’re in luck. Zee Avi has you covered. Can’t go a day without hearing “Jingle Bell Rock”? Well no worries, because Rogue Wave are taking care of you. And Bahamas are doing you a favor with their own rendition of The Band’s “Christmas Must Be Tonight.”

And yes, if you were curious, there is such a thing as a “new classic”—or, at least I hope so. And if there wasn’t before, there is now.

And yes, if you were curious, there is such a thing as a “new classic”—or, at least I hope so. And if there wasn’t before, there is now. Just last week, Johnson released the first single from Brushfire Record’s new holiday album, an a heart-warming track called “In The Morning.” Remember the feeling of waking up early on December 25, rubbing your eyes, shaking your parents into consciousness, and then racing down the stairs to a gaggle of gifts awaiting your fingertips? Of course you do. You probably still do all of those things. Regardless, Johnson has gathered the very joy of that morning and crafted a new Christmas classic.

Johnson has gathered the very joy of that morning and crafted a new Christmas classic.

But the famed mellow man isn’t the only one who delivers. G. Love, ALO, and Zach Gill are just a few among Brushfire’s many talents who take their own turn at some original tracks. G. Love loses the Special Sauce but still pines for a woman, bellowing through his signature harmonica on the appropriately bluesy “Christmas Blues.” Midway through the album, ALO gets funky with “Let It Ride,” covering every winter holiday. And ALO’s frontman Zach Gill is very Zach Gill-y on the record’s opener, “Party Hard,” which we should all be doing this holiday as This Warm December fills the hallways of our homes.

Though, if all of this isn’t enough, Johnson ropes you back in with a holiday-themed re-imagining of his song “Angel,” from 2008’s Sleep Through The Static.

If I haven’t sold you on the holiday spirit pouring from this album, then you can listen to it for yourself at RollingStone, where it is currently streaming for the masses. Still not convinced? Fine. But at least buy it for someone else. It is the holidays, after all, and I think we all deserve a break from Ol’ Blue Eyes and the Rat Pack pumping through our radios for the next two months.

This Warm December – A Brushfire Holiday, Volume 2 is set to be released on November 15 through iTunes, in stores, and on vinyl.

The album can also be pre-ordered now from Brushfire Records. May your Decembers be warm, and your holidays happy.

Tyler Kirk | Bright Futura Staff Writer

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