Student Review Of Alex Theesfield’s “Sunday”

EDIT: K.O.R. Enterprises Inc. signs Dead Stock Music Group

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Alex Theesfield, a name you probably have never heard of before, is a 16 year old random kid right? Wrong! Alex Theesfield is actually the name of a 16 year old kid who raps, produces, writes his own music, has come out with two free albums online, and is currently in the process of signing a record deal. So he’s not just some kid.

Sunday is Theesfield’s second album after Good Enough, even though both of them are technically considered mixtapes. Sunday is the accumulation of everything that Alex has been working on for months and months. Made with the help of DeadStock Music Group, Sunday features 8 tracks all produced, recorded, and sung by Alex himself.

Alex Theesfield started rapping when he was just 14. He started writing before he started recording. At 14 he bought his first mic and just started to record music. His first mixtape Good Enough premiered on DatPiff on August 5 of 2011. On December 18, Sunday premiered on DatPiff along with sites such as EnlitenOnline. In under 24 hours, the album had been downloaded 1000 times. Now Alex is in the process of being signed to Kros-Over Records, an indie music label run out of Chicago.

“Thinks are going pretty great as of right now!” – Alex Theesfield

Theesfield usually cites Donald Glover as his main inspiration for music. Theesfield says that he “loves what he does with the hip-hop genre” and that “he’s so talented in many different fields.” Alex says that Sunday itself is a reflection of Childish Gambino’s , Donald Glover’s rap persona, newest studio album Camp. In fact, one of the tracks on Sunday is a remix of Gambino’s songs “Kids (Keep Up)”. Alex also cites Drake and D-Pryde as inspirations to him.

Sunday’s overall message can be summarized by saying this: Never give up on your dreams no matter what people say. In “Wake Up”, Alex is talking about the past and what he has missed because of his passion to make music. He realizes that people depend on him and that the people who said he would never do it were wrong. They just said words to him to make him feel awful but he realized that’s all it was. He also constantly addresses the girls he never gets and how the girls only love the songs he puts out.

“I don’t have to hide my name under a pseudonym. That’s why I’m Alex Theesfield to the death of me…” – Wake Up, Alex Theesfield

Alex’s lyrics and struggles he speaks about are quite reminiscent of his favorite rapper Childish Gambino’s struggle. All the people they knew told them they would never do anything good and that they would never get anywhere. Sadly for those people this is not true because Alex is blowing up. Hopefully Alex will impress everyone in the future even more than he has now.

Alex Theesfield’s Sunday is an 8 track free mixtape/album but don’t let that make you think that it is not good. It’s very good! The 8 tracks alone tell a cohesive story that is very good to hear because it inspires that part in all of us that makes us want to prove the people wrong. To prove to the people who said we could never do something that we can. The moment I heard Sunday, I knew Alex would be going somewhere big soon. Now he is. He’s signed to a label and that always means big things are coming. Congratulations Alex. We wish you luck in the future.


What’s next for Alex Theesfield? Alex will be working on his DeadStock album. (By the way DeadStock is his music group) The album will be his first official album. Along with some other fun things going on, Alex will also be doing shows.

You can find Alex Theesfield on Facebook, TwitterYoutube, and iTunes.


Matthew Maddock | Bright Futura Columnist


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7 Comments on “Student Review Of Alex Theesfield’s “Sunday”

  1. Alex has to lyrical content. There is no progression from Good Enough he talks about the same stuff and this is basically Camp. Music seems cool and all but the same simple rhyme schemes get boring,

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