Student App Review Of GoodReader


Despite its modest name, GoodReader is a stunning execution of a simple idea — one program that can import and view any media in any format, from basic .txt files to entire books and even movies. But this robust and versatile app lets you do more than just read. GoodReader’s elegant file management system makes the iPhone/iPad nonsystem seem worse than ever. There’s more: Let’s say someone posts a huge report on… Read More

Student Review Of ‘Arthur Christmas’


This guy’s going to save Christmas. He’s going to need a miracle. This jolly film brings a fresh look at the man, the myth, the legend: Santa Claus! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. December 1st means that the weather is getting colder, the snow is quickly approaching, and that Christmas cheer is in the air. I heard Christmas songs on the radio before Thanksgiving was even over, so why… Read More

The Ultimate Showdown: Prezi vs. Powerpoint


What is Prezi? Prezi is a web-based presentation tool. I couldn’t help but compare it to the well-known Microsoft Powerpoint. I can say Prezi does have many aspects that surpass Powerpoint. But is that enough to take home the championship belt? Round 1: Text or Graphics? Prezi is eye candy. Prezi focuses a lot on visual graphics and leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Compared to Powerpoint, it is more flashy…. Read More

Student Review Of ‘The Muppets’


The Muppets are icons in American culture. They teach important lessons to their viewers. Naturally, we all take away something from watching their films. What gift did you get from your viewing? Children? Ice cream? Those are both plausible possibilities since the Muppets believe that those are the two most important gifts to receive in this world. However, seeing as your local cinema (hopefully) wasn’t handing out babies and ice cream cones… Read More

‘Like Crazy’ Student Movie Review

Like Crazy Movie Poster

There are certain films that stick with you; films that, for whatever reason, stay fixated in your mind long after you have departed the theater (or home television, if you choose). For me, Taxi Driver comes to mind. So does Blue Velvet. And Requiem For A Dream. And Magnolia. There is Forrest Gump, The Thin Red Line, Apocalypse Now, Midnight Cowboy and Vertigo, among others. I am sure everyone has a different… Read More

‘Lion’ still king of the jungle


IN 1994, “The Lion King” WAS RELEASED AS DISNEY’S 32ND ANIMATD FILM. THIS FEATURE-LENGTH CARTOON CARRIED ON THE RICH TRADITION OF DISNEY FILMS— of course characterized by memorable plots and characters ripped off from centuries-old sources (see works by the brothers Grimm, the Bible and Shakespeare) and harried parents ushering their screaming children into a darkened theater, praying for an hour-long distraction for their children under the guise of “family time.” In… Read More