Free App Makes Creating Notecards Stupid Easy Yo!


Ok, so basically making flash cards takes time, and time doesn’t grow on trees, right? Of course it doesn’t idiot. You might know that apples are the things that grow on tree’s if you used StudyBlue. What is StudyBlue you ask? Ahh lemme tell you young honey child. What is it? StudyBlue is a cute widdle webapp that lets you create bad ass muthaf***ing digital flash cards directly from notes you take… Read More

Don’t Be Stewpid: Professional Proofreading By Kibin

kibin copy

Your terms paper is due on Thursday and guess what it’s worth 50% of your grade. My guess is that you probably want to get that baby proofread. You can ask Larry, your roommate who has been going on a 2 week Minecraft binge OR you can get it proofread by some pros!   Ultimately, it is your choice. If you think Larry the roommate can handle it than be my guest…. Read More

‘Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?’ This App Will Tell You


I’m a month late on this, but there’s a newish app out for iPhone that’ll help you figure out if you should stay or go. It’s called “Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?,” and it’ll supposedly help you finalize your decision about whether you want to make a clean break from a mundane relationship or stick it out because he might be the one. The app has you track how you… Read More

Could This Pedal Desk Save Your Lazy Ass?

Pedal Desk

Whether we are stalking people on facebook or building applications for iphones, we all have to admit we spend countless hours of our day in front of our computer screens. But our bodies weren’t made for such lack luster activity. While our minds explore the universe that is the internet, our bodies are stuck planted in our seats doing jack shit. Related: 20 Amazing iPhone Apps Developed By Students Thus, the pedal… Read More

Google Drive Is Here: Cheap And Easy Drag+Drop Cloud Service


After all the speculation, Google Drive is finally here! The cloud service allows users the ability to access vital information from a host of products from either home, your dorm, work or on the go — utilizing easy drag-and-drop technology that makes being unable to send large files via email a thing of the past. Related: GroupMe: Kick ass group project tool! [vid] Drive is offering consumers 5 GB of free storage… Read More

Adobe Wants You To Win $10,000 + 1yr of Creative Cloud

amazing adobe Cs6

Today April 23rd, Adobe has an exciting chance for You to be a lucky winner of $10,000 or a free membership of Creative Cloud!  How you ask?! Well the great people at Adobe are putting on a scavenger hunt in San Francisco. What you can win? The grand prize is $10,000 and a lifetime Creative Cloud membership, with two runner up prizes of 1-year Creative Cloud membership. But I’m not in the Bay… Read More

GroupMe: Kick ass group project tool! [vid]


We’ve all tried, time and time again, to get a study group or group project together. In my experience, it’s a lot email, phone, and Facebook exchanging that result often in one or two barely populated meetings.These meetings are usually comprised of a lot of waiting for people to arrive and excuses as to why people have to leave. No more lonely group project meetings! But don’t despair things are about to… Read More

Facebook Returns to Its College Roots With ‘Groups for Schools’

Screen shot 2012-04-21 at 8.18.53 PM

There was once a time when only college students with an .edu email address could have a Facebook account. I know crazy right? However, now that your mom spends all her spare time playing Words With Friends and Farmville through Facebook, it’s hard to recall that it used to be the place to connect with your college community. Lucky for us the social media behemoth is headed back to its campus roots… Read More

Top 8 Best Places for Online Movies and TV Shows

free online videos

In this new day and age, we as college students often find ourselves entranced by a hard choice: What the hell is there to watch? There are times, when we don’t want to pay for netflix, we’ve exhausted the DVD collection, and to make things worse the movies we want to get off of Bit Torrent are blocked by the schools systems. So the next choice is to find the movie online…. Read More

2012: The Year of Joseph Kony


A 27 minute video has suddenly gone viral, and you should know how it’s changing the world in less than 27 minutes (video below). The purpose of the video: The purpose of the video is to stop the rebel group the LRA’s (Lord’s Resistance Army) leader Joseph Kony. By making people aware of Joseph Kony, they hope to turn your awareness into action.   What You Need to be Aware of: Joseph… Read More