Design Student Is Generating Buzz: Creates Plugbook

plugbook copy

  Dave Hakkens a Design Academy Eindhoven student is getting a lot of attention for his creative solution to an every day problem. Dave’s creation is called the “Plugbook” and it is generating a lot of buzz for two reasons its has a clean design and it helps keep your pad tidy: it’s essentially a retractable extension cord (bear with me here) in which the spool is concealed in a rather conspicuous… Read More

Badass Students Creates A Backpack For Scaling Walls


While this may look like a scene from the New Amazing Spider-Man movie franchise I assure you this is just another case of student badassery.  The kick ass backpack that is helping the lucky student in the video above scale a building was created by the engineering team at Utah State University. The Air Force recently went to these guys and asked them to build a PVAC, or Personal Vacuum Assisted Climber,… Read More

How To Build A Fashion Brand With No Experience [Video]

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Speaking at the PSFK Conference NYC, Outlier co-founder Abe Burmeister describes how a punk-rock ethic helped him go from wanting to create a one-of-a-kind piece meant for personal use when cycling, to a mini-fashion empire that utilizes the web. With no formal training in the manufacturing of clothing, Burmeister’s inspiration took precedent over experience, and the rest is history. What started as a personal need quickly transformed into a thriving business  -all… Read More

Why SoFi Might Change College Debt Forever

college debt crisis

Can former students help solve the student loan crisis? That’s the reasoning behind a new loan initiative launched last year at Stanford University, one of the nation’s most elite and expensive colleges, where undergraduate tuition is now $40,050. A handful of Stanford alumni created SoFi, a company that funds student loans with investments from alumni. The company is based on the peer-to-peer lending model popularized by microfinance organizations and websites like…. Read More

20 Amazing iPhone Apps Developed By Students

Apps Developed by students

Have an idea for an App but feel like you need to wait until after undergrad to develop it. These students didn’t! While we were all sleeping in class these bright young minds were changing the way we interact with the world around us. Take a look, download, enjoy and be inspired by the list of 24 amazing iPhone apps developed by young promising students. 1. Battery Go! Jeff Lange, Michael Phelps… Read More

DrawTop Turns Your Laptop Into A Whiteboard


This new vinyl laptop sticker will take the others back to their drawing boards. Thanks to a brilliant new invention, you can turn your laptop into a whiteboard. DrawTop is the creation of Ryan Mitchell and Erik Fogg, a pair of students who wanted to give others a low-tech canvas that could accompany their laptop wherever they went. Rather than lugging around a whiteboard, they invented DrawTop.

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U. Chicago Students Hope To Make Bug Eating Mainstream


ON THE TOP FLOOR OF A HYDE PARK APT BUILDING, 4 U OF CHICAGO STUDENTS SAT TOGETHER ON A COUCH, UNFAZED BY THE SNACKS THAT LAY BEFORE THEM: a packet of Mexican spice seasoned mealworms, a block of candy embedded with farm ants and sugar cookies filled with cricket parts. Not only were they they not bothered by the prospect of eating the bugs set before them, but they looked at them… Read More

The Most Successful College Dropouts


Successful Entrepreneurs Who Were High School or College Dropouts To celebrate us college dropouts I thought I would compile a list some of the top entrepreneurs who dropped out of college and then went on to make it big in the business world!

Gambling for Grades: I’ll Take that Bet

beting on grades

IMAGINE BEING PAID TO DO WELL IN COLLEGE. Better than an allowance, better than a job, better then birthday cash… I’m talking getting paid to write papers. Sounds good when it rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?