Shit College Freshmen Say (Over 1 million views)

Freshmen year… sigh. What I beautiful time. If you survived freshmen year, take a moment with me to look back with a sick twisted sense of nostalgia. If you haven’t yet experienced freshmen year, brace yourself. College life is about to slap you in upside the head.

College Freshman Meme (Make your own)

college freshman meme

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Shit College Freshmen Say by RALF WYN

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  3. College life is really best one time in our every one life and it is really golden time to build more our career. The freshmen year talking also delighted to me. But, I've no any experience about the freshmen year but, I hope in future you'll gives me more information like this.

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  6. Nice write up, I went on Sunday but was moving around the sessions. The Talk session with Terry Durach, Simon Thomsen, Sebastien Demorand and Benedict Beauge was pretty good! Poh is so nice and her smile is contageous, had a quick chat with her :D

  7. Kiitos! :) Mutta Sofihan on jo ykkösruusukkeen ansainnut, eikös sillä ollut pari ERIä ja EH? Tavu lähtee karvattomana Joensuuhun elokuussa ja ilmoitan varmaan Ouluunkin, kun kerrankin on lähellä. :)

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  9. Wow. Andrea so good to hear how God used that nurse the other night to help comfort you and understand your perspective and be there for Peter when he was in such intense pain. There’s something about sharing pain together that bonds us humans. Also, your overall response as a couple to choose JOY amidst this awful disease is an incredible testimony to me and I’m sure many, many others. May God bless you tremendously with many many gifts day after day. God bless!

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