Sell Your Broken Smart Phones For Cash Moneys

Oh fuck! The sound heard across campus when some innocent (most likely drunk) soul drops their iPhone. Did you get the insurance bro? NOPE. Because obviously you’re a genius! Hell you’re in college right!?

There there fella, I gotya. Don’t you worry. I mean sure you’re a broke student and you essentially just destroyed a $600 piece of equipment that you rely on for nearly every aspect of your life. And sure this all happened because  you were trying to do a keg stand to impress that sorority girl, who end up hooking up with your roommate anyway. But there is still hope. Look on the bright side, while you probably wont get your full money back, you might be able to salvage enough money to buy yourself something nice.

sell your broken phone

There happen to be a couple sites that would love to buy your broken crap.


1. BuyMyTronics


2. NextWorth


3. Gazelle


Find other places to sell broken smart phones and electronics here


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7 Comments on “Sell Your Broken Smart Phones For Cash Moneys

  1. Smartphone’s are becoming a common gadget and that is the reason for the decrease in the value of used Smartphone’s, it is really a good idea to sell this old or damaged Smartphone’s for cash. Keep posting more about this scheme of exchanging for cash in detail next time.

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  3. I hearty thankful to the creator of this blog for giving such a great idea for selling broken smart phones for an unexpected rate. But unfortunately I am very lately viewing your website, because last month only I sold my mobile at least price. If I view your website before a month means I’ll utilized and I’ll get a best exchange. But this will be used in my future purpose and keep you posting about this scheme of exchange.

  4. Oh I didn’t know that! Thank you for sharing these tech site. And I read an article, they said the deleted data on Android phone can be recovered back, so if you are Android users, you shouldn’t sell your phone to stranger, you might be at risk.

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