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How To Hide Facebook From Your Boss

So you’re at work or at your internship and you want to check Facebook because lets face it you’re a junky. But what happens if your boss catches you! Hmm… what ever shall you do? Well, we have the answer. Well we personally don’t, BUT lucky for you we’ve found some brilliant and sneaky people who do. The great people at HardlyWork.in have created a way for you to check Facebook like a super ninja (a super ninja who makes spreadsheets that is).

The website is an add-on for Facebook that lets you check your Facebook feed at work without the worry of prying eyes. The clever interface makes your feed look like an Excel spreadsheet (awesome!)

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So you don’t have to look like this anymore.

how to use facebook secretly


How do you do it?

check facebook at work

Step 1: Just go to the site and give it access to your Facebook account, it populates a pedestrian-looking spreadsheet with your Facebook feed.

Step 2: Like Bright Futura on Facebook and/or Facebook stalk your friends

You will be able to browse your photo albums, so be careful as pictures can be eye-catching to that work busybody that always seems to be walking by your cubicle.

hide your facebook

Have Fun Goofing Off Working!

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8 Comments on “How To Hide Facebook From Your Boss

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  2. The craze of Facebook has gotten all of us as it has become a part of our life that goes on jobs and schools everywhere. This article is really interesting and has solid tips about getting rid of the prying eyes.

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  4. It's a brilliant idea to maintain the facebook in the office. Recently i am started to use this idea in my office. No one can observe that, what i am doing in the system. I am interested to do these type ideas.

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  7. Facebook has become a major part of life. Millions of people use Facebook in their daily routine and it’s quite tough to use Facebook during office time but the solution you gave us will make things easy for us to use Facebook during office time. Thanks for sharing this idea with us and i hope a lot more will come.

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