Pat Corcoran’s Blueprint

“Pat “The Manager” Corcoran and Chancelor “The Rapper” Bennett, two self-taught kids from Chicago, set the bar for what independent artists can achieve. Pat the Manager details how the two met, the backlash around the release of Coloring Book, and the one thing that threatened their independence.” -Complex

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Part I: Foundation

1. Reputation Is Everything

2. Learn From Failure

3. Become Indispensable

4. Learn All You Can

5. Take The Lead

Part Two: Second Story

1. Support The Artist

2. Explore Your Options

3. Figure It Out

4. Educate Yourself

5. Know Your Role

Part III: Renovations

1. Be Persistent

2. Know When To Be Firm

3. Make The Best Of It

4. Strive To Be Better

5. Lose The Ego



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