10 New Year’s Resolutions for a More Successful 2012


The person you were last year no longer exists. All that matters is who you are on New Year’s Day and who you become by the end of the year. January 1st is a perfect time to make a personal change, but it’s also a perfect time for students to make big changes to their lifestyle and careers. The 12 resolutions below are for students hoping to thrive in every way possible… Read More

Realizing Your Degree Will Be Worthless If 2012 Happens


I know it’s winter break and you shouldn’t be worrying about the future. But with the New Year being days away you can’t help but think, “What would happen if the Mayan calendar–which ends December 21 2012– is a sign of our impending doom.” While surely the end of the world would be bad enough, the worst part would definitely be that I spent all those days in lecture and slaved over… Read More

Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts Of 2011


While we at bright futura have only recently come onto the scene that hasn’t stopped us from hitting the ground running. We work hard at making sure that we as college students get the most entertaining and relevant up to date information around the clock. It has taken a lot of trial and error but I think we are beginning to get our footing. So as a bit of a victory lap,… Read More

Half of Detroit’s Adults are Functionally Illiterate


Detroit was once the symbol of American wealth and industrial capacity. It is now everybody’s emblem of decline. The data about Detroit grows more depressing by the month.  This report may be the most depressing thing you’ll read all year. In a nutshell, it says that roughly half of all the people who live in Detroit are illiterate. They can’t read the back of a cereal box.  They can’t read a weather… Read More

Student App Review Of GoodReader


Despite its modest name, GoodReader is a stunning execution of a simple idea — one program that can import and view any media in any format, from basic .txt files to entire books and even movies. But this robust and versatile app lets you do more than just read. GoodReader’s elegant file management system makes the iPhone/iPad nonsystem seem worse than ever. There’s more: Let’s say someone posts a huge report on… Read More

rEDesign: University Students Campaign For Education Twitter


While lawmakers seek to make sweeping changes to public education at the national and state levels, some University of Michigan students are looking to reshape K-12 education from the bottom up. Campus group rEDesign seeks input from students on how best to fix a broken system in which a wide achievement gap remains, and students — both privileged and underserved — struggle to succeed academically and be globally competitive. “The only demographic… Read More

Sanity-Saving Gifts for the Stressed-Out Student


College. Ugh. Nonstop, privileged toil. Growing up is sooooo hard. Days without sleep, binge-drinking, experimenting with bodies—it’s a miracle that anyone learns anything. These gifts won’t print a diploma, but they will help your student earn one. 1. iPad The laptop’s reign as the must-have college accessory has ended. The iPad is king. It does pretty much everything your stressed-out friend could want in a lighter, more readalicious package. Make sure you… Read More

Forget A’s, B’s, and C’s—What We Need Is More Zzzz’s


Some advertisers routinely entreat us to undermine our health, but rarely through overt attacks on healthy behavior. When one such unhealthful message assaulting sleep reached my university’s campus this fall, I began to hear about it from offended and sympathetic colleagues. One saw it in her freshman daughter’s dorm. Another saw it in a campus convenience store. The makers of the energy drink Red Bull advised students that “Nobody ever wishes they’d… Read More

Blue Engine: Students Teaching Students!

Blue Engine

Blue Engine recruits, trains, and supports a professional team of recent college graduates who work with students to accelerate academic achievement in public high schools. Blue Engine Teaching Assistants (BETAs) engage in one year of direct service to advance educational equity and excellence in America. Blue Engine advances excellence by placing teaching assistants in classrooms where they decrease the teacher-to-student ratio and collaborate with teachers to customize instruction, increase academic rigor, and… Read More

No Longer Hiring: Jobs That Died in 2011


(Jen Hubley Luckwaldt, PayScale.com) The tech-savvy, newest generation of workers grew up hearing that the jobs they would hold as adults hadn’t even been invented yet. No one mentioned that the jobs they had come to think of as permanent might become a thing of the past. This year has been a rough one for many industries. In fact, many fields were plagued with layoffs and budget cuts severe enough to threaten… Read More