Are We The Lost Generation?


IN RECORD NUMBERS, THEY’RE STRUGGLING TO FIND WORK, shunning long-distance moves to live with mom and dad, delating marriage and raising kids out of wedlock, if they’re becoming parents at all. The unemployment rate for them is the highest since World War II, and they risk living in poverty more than others – nearly 1 in 5.

Why Chinese students put us to shame


This summer, I spent 7 weeks teaching English in Jiangsu province, China. While I was there, I became progressively more and more Chinese. The superficial, cultural traits I picked up – driving like a maniac, clicking my fingers at waitresses, proposing a toast every five minutes to anyone I’m remotely enjoying having dinner with – are proving that they can be unlearned (which is probably just as well, as “when in Rome”… Read More

Say Goodbye to the Postal Service


by Paul Panasiuk The days of letter writing may soon be officially over as the United States Postal Service races toward bankruptcy.

Why Recycling Is My Lowest Priority


by Kentin Waits We live in a world that loves sound bites and oversimplifications. We embrace concepts that sound wonderful without much critical thought. All the noise around recycling is a classic example of what happens when an idea gets a lot of press, but in isolation doesn’t really solve much. The larger and more inclusive mantra of “reduce, reuse, and recycle” is the real game-changing idea, yet we often forget about… Read More

Upgrade Your Style Without Buying New Clothes


by Kentin Waits Guys, smarter style doesn’t have to mean bigger bucks. If you have a basic wardrobe with good casual and dress options, there are some simple and inexpensive ways to bump up the style of what you already own. Since most guys get lost in the details of dressing well — not understanding the proper fit, care, or pairing of clothes — just refining what’s already in your closet can… Read More

Somalia: On the Brink, Out of the Spotlight


By Harry DiFrancesco Is the world about to watch 750,000 Somalis starve to death?” The opening line to a story I read in Friday’s New York Times. Given the fact that the story didn’t even make the front page of the International Section, let alone A1 — it was buried on A5 — I couldn’t help but respond to the question with an emphatic “NO.”

My First Revolution


by John Dennehy In April 2005 I was living in Cuenca, Ecuador, teaching English. I had just graduated college in the United States and was still very new to the place—but there was already a simmering fire about to explode. The President, who was hailed as a courageous defender of the nation’s heritage and champion of the poor when elected, had quickly moved to the right as soon as the votes were… Read More

FOMO: Fear of Missing Out


By Jack Boger Facetime is like sex: everybody wants it, but nobody wants to talk about it — at least in polite company. Who wants to be that poor kid on the outside looking in, face pressed to the glass, watching other people have all the fun and take those sweet pics that will quickly appear on Facebook the next day?

Palestinians will never sell their identity

By Reema Khrais | The Daily Tar Heel Maybe my grandmother was lying to me when she told me that she was driven from her home in Palestine. Maybe the debris of an Israeli bomb that hit my cousin was the sky falling. Maybe my Palestinian passport is just a fake — a ploy to keep my Jew-hating self at a safe distance from the Israeli borders.