It Is About Time You Learned How To Use Google

People often ask me,

How’d you learn how to do _________?

To which I often reply with something snarky or sarcastic.


Friend/Person: Hey Max, how did you learn how to use Craigslist to sell things?


Me: Well, I gave Craig a call… telepathically. When our spirits connected in the netherworld, Craig was able transfer his memories and understanding of his website via a magical high five. @ _ @


However, the real answer is much more simple. Most of the things I know, I have learned via the internet and specifically through great search engines like Google.

I’ve always thought that using Google to find answers was common sense however after checking out the PhD in Googling [Interactive Infographic] I was surprised that despite my hubris, I  actually didn’t know how to use Google that well either…


How To Use Google Like A BAMF

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3 Comments on “It Is About Time You Learned How To Use Google

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  2. I've generally imagined that utilizing Google to discover answers was sound judgment however in the wake of weighing out the Phd in Googling [interactive Info graphic] I was astonished that notwithstanding my hubris, I really didn't know how to utilize Google that well either

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