review of the amazing spiderman

Is The Amazing Spider-Man Worth Your Money?

review of the amazing spiderman

Today we are going to answer a few questions: ‘Is The Amazing Spider-man worth my money and time?’ & ‘How can I watch this movie using as little of my money as possible?’. We will get down to the bone marrow of this movie and savings to watch it.


First lets begin by establishing a few important points. One, the stories found in yesterday’s and todays comics are far more interesting than what is on the screen. And two, only until recently did Hollywood start getting the comic book characters and their respective stories right (i.e. Batman, Avengers, Ironman, etc..). With that being said The Amazing Spider-man hits a couple of home runs in those departments.

This reboot of Spider-man is a more realistic version of Spider-man than we were force feed during the Toby McGuire campaign.


It is a somewhat return to ole Spidey’s roots and with a few upgrades. Everyone that supported those earlier Spider-man movies (myself included) did so sacrificing a few important facts about Spider-man. Spider-man started as a kid and grew into a man, not in 1 comic or 1 movie but over years of watching his wise cracking, sarcastic, almost dies because he picks fights out of his league, never quit adventures.


toby vs garfield


I did not support the earlier liberties they took with Spider-man but I did support them in hopes that they were popular. With great popularity comes great opportunity for a reboot, hence The Amazing Spider-man.

Is this worth the money?

A resounding ‘yes’! This movie is fun, more realistic and it gives you a sense of relation with Peter Parker, he is a kid with real kid problems. Is it action packed from start to finish? No, it actually has a story that doesn’t put you to sleep but keeps you strung along regarding the origin of Spider-man. This movie, in many ways, rights the wrongs of its predecessor and raises the bar as to how cleaver the movies need to be to earn our money.

Take notes: Please stay until after the credits for a teaser of a sequel.

im amazing too

The Amazing Spider-man gets 4 out of 5 wallets.

I would use stars but I have always gauged a movie and its worth by how much I am willing to spend to see it. I have always subscribed to the following gauge from best to worst: The IMAX/3D experience, Regular Admission, Matinee, Redbox, Netlix, and catch it if it happens to be on TV. So in this case it is very much worth the money. Although I did watch it with the IMAX experience, for sentimental reasons, it does just fine as a regular admission because the CGI is pretty….amazing.

How To See The Amazing Spider-Man For Cheap

So now that we established that Spider-man is worth the effort how do we make this as economical as possible? The best way to really put money back in your pocket is by asking students! NO, not asking them to spot you until you never pay them back but to ask other students of other schools if they have their own theaters. Some schools have cinemas that play current movies at a huge discount. The Johnson Center Cinema at GMU shows movies, free if you’re a GMU student, $3 if you’re not a student. $3 what?!?!?! Yes $3, but the only drawback is that they don’t show movies over the summer and its not the biggest theater on the planet.

I am sure that other local schools may have similar facilities with different restrictions so ask. Second best way to save when in dire need of a brain break, ask parents! NO, not asking them to pay for your movie (although if it works more power to you), it’s in asking all the parents you know that may have an account with Costco or BJ’s.

Costco has agreements with AMC and Regal cinema to sell ticket vouchers at a large discount.

2 regular tickets will cost about $15 at Costco. What!?!?!?! Yes $15, but you need to be a member of Costco to do so which is why I refer you to asking any parents you may know. BJ’s sells only AMC tickets and Sam’s Club does not sell any tickets at all (to my knowledge).
It’s worth the effort to coordinate all your resources especially if you seriously need healthy breaks from studying that does not cost you much money.
The next review will be for Batman: Dark Knight Rises and I will give you a few hints at other ways that can save you money as your journey to penny pinch a good study break continues. Enjoy the movie…



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9 Comments on “Is The Amazing Spider-Man Worth Your Money?

  1. Spider-man is soft! I dont see why he is even important to the Marvel univers much less worth my money. He's a kid that becomes cool and constantly gets his butt kicked….

    no thanks!


  2. DTM,

    Watch out now….Spider-man is actually one of the most powerful characters in Marvel because he is the constant underdog. Lets take a look a the long list of super heroes he has beat up on:

    Wolverine (a few times)

    X-Factor (back when the x-men were in hiding, someone hired them to capture him….he gave them the business)

    Green Goblin (killed him)

    Mysterio (beat him a billion times)

    Hob Goblin (a buzillian times)

    Venom (constantly beats him witn NO spider sense)

    Carnage (nastier version of Venom, handled him too)

    Firelord (herald of Galactus)

    Kraven the hunter (killed himself after he finaly beat spider-man once, owned those buns too)

    Lizard, Electro, Sandman, Rhino, Doc Oct, Vulture….the list goes on…

    Yea a kid did that….

    • All of them are chumps…..

      Put him against the truth like Batman and poor old Spider-man doesn't make it out of highschool….


      • Well when you put it that way….

        You do know that Spider-man can pick up a car and is rediculously fast….granted Batman is a genius, if they rumbled out of the blue no prep time….Batman is going down…like all the rest….


        • There is this guy, he wears a blue suit with a red cape….Batman owned him…

          That guy could pick mountains and stuff….



          • Everyone is human, even Superman. It took Batman like 40 years to come up with a plan to take out Superman…

            Preparation versus unprepared….apples to oranges, up to down….Spider-man is a kid and he can hang with the best of them….digest it, let it nurture you, and then grow from that fact….


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