Iron Man Is A Not A Hero, He Is A Weapon.

Iron Man is not a Super hero. He is a weapon. Heroes use tactfulness, humility, diplomacy, and valor. Perhaps, I missed these characteristics in the first 3 appearances of Iron Man (His solo movies and the Avengers movie). Feel free to disprove my assertion. But as Tony, he is a flamboyantly childish rich genius trying to out do his fathers legacy and as Iron Man he is a big flying gun with no respect for anyone other then himself.

And while Bruce Wayne doesn’t necessarily fly and shoot missiles, you might say these two “super” men fall into the same category of recklessness. But to say that Batman lacks the aforementioned characteristics is to completely miss the target. Iron Man is not simply Marvel’s version of “rich man fighting for social change”. He instead is a just a rich man fighting.

Surely, this doesn’t mean Mr. Stark is not a hero though, does it? I guess that really depends on how you define heroic. Is it heroic when Iron Man blows things up or Tony rambles on about his awesome selfishness? I don’t think it is. I  suppose one could argue that Bruce Wayne as portrayed by Christopher Nolan’s movies has a bit of Patrick Bateman in him but upon closer look, it is clear to see this isn’t who Bruce Wayne really is. The image Bruce portrays to the world is just that, an image. And while it isn’t always obvious when he is pretending to be the playboy billionaire; we as true believers all know what’s really hood. We know that the Caped Crusader genuinely has the right motivations. We know this because as Batman, his motivations are and always will be for justice.
But what are Iron man’s motivations? What does Tony stand for other then affluence, arrogance and boredom? Tony Stark can never free the world of terror or violence because he himself is both these things to anyone with eyes on the other side of his weaponized exterior. The only thing Iron Man and justice have in common is their mallets. And when your only tool is a hammer all your problems look like nails.

5 Comments on “Iron Man Is A Not A Hero, He Is A Weapon.

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  2. Really nice phenomenon about the iron man. I liked the weapons of iron man and want him to be more advanced with the weapon in next movie. Thanks

  3. Yeah i also agree. You have shared a nice phenomenon about the iron man. Anyhow, your way of writing in the whole article is very awesome. News is the best source of information and knowledge related to our surrounding. Anyhow, thanks for making great effort.

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  5. You are right iron man is a weapon he’s not a hero a lot of people have their own theories on iron man. But one thing that the weapon he’s had no one has ever seen and in the upcoming times he will upgrade it and make it better than ever so iron man is a weapon but he uses it to save the world.

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