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Interview with Tom Lohrmann: Singer/Songwriter/Student

Student songwriter

Who is Tom Lohrmann?

I am from Vienna Virginia and I am in a band called Tom Lohrmann.


How did you get your start?

I started by just writing songs and doing acoustic open mics. After doing that for a while, it got to the point where I needed a backing band for full sessions and different shows.


Did you start in college or in high school?

I started playing guitar seriously in my junior year but it was never any of my own material till freshman year of college. I suppose the idea of Tom Lohrmann started freshman year.


Do you have an EP or an album out?

Yea, the first EP title ‘The One I’m After’ has 6 songs and the second is called ‘Night Lights’ has 5 songs.


Do you have a favorite song made by Tom Lohrmann?

I really like ‘Just One Night’. I wrote it in September and it sort of has special meaning to me.


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Is Tom Lohrmann working on any projects at the moment?

We are. I began writing for the project just recently and I plan on finishing most of it down in Florida.


Tom Lohrmann got its official start in your freshman year of college. Do you still attend college?

I am actually finishing up my associates online through Lynchburg University’s distance learning program. I have about three or four classes to do and then I will probably do a music and business master certificate course from Berkley.


Did you graduate high school knowing you wanted to take online classes?

Well, I started off at Christopher Newport University in Virginia Beach. I stayed for a year and a half. I ended up coming home and deciding that I wanted to take online classes instead.


Why did you leave your first university?

I wanted to see if music was for me. So I gave myself 6 months to see if it would stick. And well it stuck.


What did you study before you left to pursue music?

Accounting. My dad is a CPA. Soo umm yeaaa. But I honestly can’t see myself as an accountant. It was interesting to me in high school before I knew what I wanted to do. But I just feel like I would get lonely behind a desk.


Was it scary for you to leave college?

No. I feel like not everyone has the same path. People can B.S for a while about wanting to do this or that but I think everyone owes it to themselves to breakout of their mold. So people will live perfectly normal lives without needing to know what it is like to step out of the box. That just doesn’t work for me.


When was your last performance?

Tom Lohrmann recently performed live at Jammin Java. We opened for a band called Bandits and Beggars who sold it out. We are also going to be playing at battle of the bands in February at 930 Club.


Who are your top 5 influences?

Jimmy Hendrix, Jack White from the White Strips, Show bred, blink 182 and I dunno Britney Spears… ahaha. I really respect her but I don’t necessarily agree with her decision to shave her head. But then again I like women with hair.


Do you ever think you will go back to the traditional college environment?

In the traditional sense no. I don’t think I could ever go back. I don’t think I could go back to sitting in class. I am really a self-starter and I am really self-motivated so I don’t really need the in class lecturing. I do miss the in class discussions and group projects but online classes work best for me. I feel like I get more accomplished in a short amount of time.


If you made it today would regret your time spent taking classes?

Absolutely not. The time I spent at CNU prepared me for what I am doing now. I got my four years of college in a year and a half. I will always look back with found memories.


If someone were to be hearing about Tom Lohrmann for the first time today what would you tell him or her?

Come see us live. And if you aren’t in the area contact us because we will come play for you. I really really like live music.


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