Interview With SoNcier: A College Hip Hop Artist [mp3]

Go ahead an introduce yourself for those who may not have heard of you.

This is SoNcier Da Hero, I reside in Virginia at this time. And I am an up-and-coming hip hop artist.

What kind of topics do you rap about?

I discuss everything from hating my job to wanting money, to sexy, to just everything across the board. I like to rap about the good and evil and especially about trying to balance myself. I do my best to keep it real natural and real human.

Do you make your own beats?

I do not, but I do co-produce a lot of the ideas behind the beats and I write all my own lyrics. Learning how to make beats is something I hope to learn how to do because I am really interested in developing a brand. It is something I am struggling to piece together, especially for my upcoming projects.

Will your next project be released in 2012?

Yes sir. My new project is called D.A.R.E.

What does D.A.R.E stand for?

D.A.R.E stands for Dangerously Anxious, Real Edgy. Those 4 words describe my personality and the way my music feels. I have been leaving little cookie crumbs in all my music that you can find on iTunes. You can see from those songs how I started out and how I have evolved since then. The project for 2012 is going to be similar but you will definitely have a more 90’s influence.

You said earlier (before the interview) that you were in school, are you planning on going back?

Yes, I am planning on going back. School is a struggle for everyone. Everyone has their own reasons for going. Some go for the partying some go for the social life and some just go to find themselves.

Is that why you want to go back to school?

Ha, I already know who I am. But music takes a while to reap some of the benefits and the rewards. I know a lot of people just drop out and go for it. I didn’t start out in college but the reason I am going back is because I am interested in getting into franchising and marketing. I’m not majoring in music because whether or not I make it I will always pursue music. It is kind of something I have already made up my mind about. And in the music industry nowadays you have to be more than just an artist.

Do you recommend not pursing a music related degree?

Yes, if you’re going to pursue music in general I would say major in something like business management. But that is just my opinion.

What school did you go to before you went on hiatus?

Banner College. It had nothing to do with music. It was a medical billing and coding school. Like I said, not music oriented but when I got out of high school I was trying to plunge into something quickly. I really don’t like feeling like I am not being productive. So I went for it.

What made you leave Banner College?

I began to feel unfulfilled. I wanted to pursue music full-time and medical billing really was not doing it for me. I want to really challenge myself with my music before I say it is not going to work.

Did you preform in high school or did you only pursue music when you got to college?

I did do music in high school and even in middle school but I didn’t make all that known. Most of the stuff I did was school oriented. Talent shows and what not. I never really got into the studio until I was about 14.

Do you feel like going to college jeopardizes your ‘street credit’ for lack of a better word?

No. Nowadays a lot of hip hop artists have gone to school. Even Lil Wayne went school. As did Bow Wow, Romeo, J. Cole, Kids in the Hall, and we know Kanye West dropped out. I would say that college won’t jeopardize your street credit if you are being yourself. Essentially that is all street credit is. It is honesty. If you are honest, you’ll be alright. I suppose, if your niche is being a thug than college may not be for you.

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It is a great time to be an artist. Thanks to artists like Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West and The Cool Kids. We are going back to a time where you had Brand Nubian and De La Soul. You can just be yourself.

Do you have a favorite track?

Of mine? I would have to say ‘Keys To Success’ it’s on iTunes. It discusses certain adversities that have happened to me and how I got through them. I talk about getting stabbed a 17 and a couple other life changing moments.

Any closing things you want to say?

Always want to learn something different. Be hungry for new music and share new music. With that, you can find me on iTunes, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Rhapsody at SoNcier Da Hero. The biggest thing is to be able to spell my name correctly. Also, shout out to my label.

Bright Futura Interview With SoNcier

Free Music From SoNcier Da Hero of Hip Hop:

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