60 minutes Interview With Jeff Bezos

interview with jeff besos

Steve Jobs Lost Interview 1990: Every Entreprenuer Should See This

Brad Feld on Founder’s Syndrome and Origin Stories

An Interview With A Professional Designer

Interview With Andrew Hamra CEO of Runnur

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How Did You Get Started? I got started about 4 years ago. I had a bad back and the doctor told me that I should not carry all of my every day items on my back. So I tried carrying some of the smaller items in my front pockets like my keys, my wallet, my phone and stuff. But it made me feel clunky. I figured their had to be a better… Read More

Interview With Alex Theesfield: A High School Rapper Who Is Getting It All

How did your music career start? My friends really put me onto Biggie & Tupac back in the day when I was a skateboarder. This was only 3 years ago though. But one day we were just skating around outside & it got too hot to be out, so we went to my friends house to chill. Us being huge Biggie fans, saw that Notorious the movie was on & we watched… Read More

Young Zuckerberg: What Was Facebook Suppose To Be?


In 2005, Young Zuckerberg had a narrow vision for Facebook. “I mean, I just really want to see everyone focus on college and make a really cool college directory product,” he told the interviewer. “There doesn’t necessarily have to be more…Part of making a difference and doing something cool is focusing intensely.” What do you think Facebook is? “I think Facebook is an online directory for colleges…If I want to get information… Read More

Interview With Mason: A Hip Hop Artist On The Come Up


So Mason how did you get started? I got started while doing laundry in college. I didn’t have anything to do while washing my clothes so I started writing songs.   At first it was more rock n roll but once I realized I couldn’t sing the songs became more and more hip-hop.       Did you always want to work in music or is this something you only discovered you… Read More

George Mason University Junior I


Name: Travis Brown Major: Business Management Classification (freshman/sophomore/junior/senior): Junior Year You’re Graduating: 2013 1. Now that you’ve been at George Mason University for 3 years what is your favorite thing about the university? I like the business program here, how it prepares you for life after college. I also like many of the people here on the campus. 2. Besides Graduation, what are you looking forward to next year as a senior?… Read More

Interview with Thomas Frank: Creator Of College Info Geek

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  How did you get your inspiration to start CollegeInfoGeek? If you have ever been to a college you have seen the people who walk around giving tours of the university. I happened to have been one of those people at Iowa State University about two summers ago.   A major part of that job was learning everything there is to know about Iowa State University and college in general. We had… Read More