Kaws’ Blueprint

“KAWS went from a skater kid doing graffiti around New York City to illustrating the beloved animated series Doug to creating instantly recognizable pop art that gained visibility the world over. The artist, painter, designer and toymaker details how he linked with Nigo and Pharrell in Japan, collaborated with Jordan and Uniqlo for sold-out capsules, and created motifs that elevated fine art into the cultural zeitgeist.” – Complex Subscribe to Complex on… Read More

10 Things You Do That Blow The Interview

things you do that blow the interiew

Below I have listed 10 Things You Do That Blow The Interview 1. Your Attire Your interview attire is outdated messy too tight to loose (Dress pants shouldn’t look like pajamas) slutty (ladies!) too revealing too flashy. Sometimes you won’t find these dress codes in writing; but if you look around you’ll find that all employees are dressed in a similar way. Take note: It is always better to be slightly overdressed… Read More

Internships After Graduation?


Graduation is a very major milestone in everyone’s lifetime.   After years of continuous studies, quizzes, assignments, and tests, you are finally free to take your first steps in your professional life. However, that is a major test in itself nowadays. With the economic downturn, finding a good job is nearly impossible because of the number of applicants jumping at every good opportunity. What you can do to improve your odds however… Read More

3 Reasons Why You Can Afford An Unpaid Internship


While many experience in college are unique others aren’t anything but. One undying similarity between us college students is the classic dilemma or modernity’s cruel joke surrounding work experience. The classic dilemma can be summarized in one short sentence, You can’t land a job without experience, but can’t get experience without a job. Thus the unpaid internship was born. Now you may view unpaid internships as some sort of new modern day… Read More

Job Interview Question: Do you believe in UFOs?


  TURNS OUT THAT JOB SEEKERS ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES GETTING CREATIVE IN THE INTERVIEW PROCESS. A new CareerBuilder survey of hiring managers revealed that they, too, are starting to veer from the traditional interview questions in order to get candidates to offer up even more unique glimpses into their personality.