5 Things Our Kids Won’t Have In School


by: Evan V. Symon If you went to a school classroom 200 years ago, you’d see something remarkably similar to what we have today:A teacher talking to rows of kids sitting at little desks, each pretending to follow along in a textbook. Maybe the blackboard has been replaced with a whiteboard or a PowerPoint, but those basics haven’t changed in generations.But they’re about to. Some of the most iconic staples of school… Read More

Generation Snookie: Are We Paying for Reality TV?


by Allison Smith Gym. Tan. Laundry. These are the keys to success — or at least are being communicated as so to the next generation. I love a decent guido brawl as much as the next person, but what are the messages that reality television programs send to children? The vain, morally bereft generation — I begrudgingly admit to be my own — is robbing the next generation of what little innocence… Read More

Hundreds of Students Occupy Wall St.


by Beth Buczynski Inspired by citizen uprisings around the world, thousands of regular Americans recently descended on Wall Street to protest a U.S. economic system that wastes taxpayer money to coddle corporations and stock brokers.

Undocumented students publicly discuss life


by Natalee Blanchat Four undocumented students stepped behind a podium and tearfully shared their fears, hopes and experiences Thursday. “I was born in Mexico and was brought to the United States when I was eight-years-old,” said Adan Torres, senior accounting major.

How to Ensure That Your Profile Pic is Stalk-Worthy


Your profile picture is the first thing that any random stranger stalker on the internet sees when he types in “Penelope Custard,” so it had better be good. And GOOD IT CAN BE.  In order to determine where your current profile picture stands on the cuteness scale, simply admire these incredibly realistic drawings that I did by staring at my friends’ facebook pages all day.  It’s not creepy because it’s for the… Read More

President Obama visits N.C. State to garner support


By Estes Gould | The Daily Tar Heel RALEIGH — The crowd was overwhelmingly on President Barack Obama’s side at his speech at N.C. State University Wednesday — but his speech showed support elsewhere is harder to find. Obama might have joked about being glad to have “so many wolves in his Wolfpack,” but the real goal was clear: days after Obama urged Congress to pass his American Jobs Act, he’s trying… Read More

Tresh or Trendy: Dumpster divers finds brand names in trash


By Emily Herrington Anthropology senior Mike Skaggs’ house is fully furnished. And he didn’t spend a penny on it. For Skaggs, an avid dumpster diver, one man’s trash is his treasure. Skaggs’ definition of dumpster diving ranges from climbing into a dumpster and rummaging through garbage to picking up abandoned pieces of furniture off the side of the road. He said he has no problem jumping into a dumpster and digging around… Read More

Reflecting on 9/11: Current students say generation marked by threat of terrorism


By Shira Laucharoen A decade ago, this year’s senior class likely sat in their sixth grade homerooms as the one of the most significant events of their generation unfolded. For Jasmine Senior, CC ’12, the attacks impacted her in ways both personal and intellectual. Her mother, who had served in the military for 21 years, was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq, while back home Senior developed an interest in political science and… Read More

How To Deal with Stress as a Student