How to Find a Date in the Library

hot girls in library

Have you ever wonder how to find a date in the library, sure you have. Well lucky for you Bright Futura is on the up and up and is ready to give you the break down. You can thank us later!   Location, location, location. Scoping out a seat in the library is the key element to landing a date. Chances are, you won’t find a hottie while you’re hiding in the… Read More

5 Games To Play On Your Commute

student commute

1. The Make-Babies-Smile Game This might be hard if you’re in the car, but if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in a city of some sort (sorry rural Kansas), you might be commuting to school or your internship by something that puts you annoyingly close to other people.   The good news is that 20% of the population as of December 2011 in the US is under 15 years old, according… Read More

5 Things Disney Can Teach You About The World

what disney tells us about the world

Cartoons haven’t always taught me right from wrong cough* Itchy and Scratchy cough* but that doesn’t mean they haven’t taught me anything. In fact I have learned a great deal about the world from cartoons especially those created by Disney and Pixar.   1. Haters On The Prowl I find it wildly annoying to hear about people’s imaginary haters. Particularly when they aren’t necessarily doing anything to  deserve people’s envy. However; haters… Read More

5 Life Lessons To Be Learned From Scrubs


If you didn’t watch Scrubs then your life probably isn’t as well-rounded as mine or any other avid Scrubs fan but that doesn’t mean you wont enjoy some amazing quotes. Let the deep advice mixed with humor commence!   1. Life Is Scary You’re scared because if you try and fail, there’s only you to blame. Well, Missy, let me break this down for you, Bobbo-style. Life is scary. Get used to… Read More

Why America Should Never Legalize Marijuana


1. Psycho-Pharmaceuticals & Other Prescription Drug Sales Would Decrease Sure, Xanax helps you with being stressed but if American’s had the choice they would toss the liver destroying pharma drugs and take bong rips, while watching Adventure Time and vegein’ out on the coach after work. I know what you are thinking, zero down sides here. Wrong! Have you taken a second to think about all of the big multimillion dollar pharmaceutical… Read More

5 Things Batman Can Teach You About College

what batman can teach you about college

(Warning Contains Minor Spoilers: But if you haven’t seen TDK by now you should just quit at life.) 1. Have A Plan That Makes Sense And Works. There were plenty of examples in this film of poor planning and lack of a strategy — For instances When Commissioner Gordon sends all of his cops underground. Seriously… very dumb! Or when Batman being as out of shape as he was, goes to face… Read More

10 Things You Do That Blow The Interview

things you do that blow the interiew

Below I have listed 10 Things You Do That Blow The Interview 1. Your Attire Your interview attire is outdated messy too tight to loose (Dress pants shouldn’t look like pajamas) slutty (ladies!) too revealing too flashy. Sometimes you won’t find these dress codes in writing; but if you look around you’ll find that all employees are dressed in a similar way. Take note: It is always better to be slightly overdressed… Read More

Smoking & Drinking Teens Are The Unhappiest Of All

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Teenagers who smoke, drink alcohol      and eat junk food are significantly  more likely to be unhappy than their clean- living counterparts, a study has found. About 5,000 children were questioned on their appearance, family, friends, school and life as a whole, and had their happiness levels rated.     Researchers discovered that those who never drank alcohol were between four and six times more likely to have higher levels of… Read More

5 Best Pixar Movies

student review of pixar

Brave has made its debut this weekend in similar Pixar style – everyone is going to see it! For arguably the most successful namebrand in Hollywood that promises the highest quality animated films (Cars 2 be damned) Brave is turning out to be a box office boom. While Brave may not be recieving as much critical acclaim as its predecessors, it is still on par with Cars and way better than Cars 2. Just thinking about… Read More

Design Student Is Generating Buzz: Creates Plugbook

plugbook copy

  Dave Hakkens a Design Academy Eindhoven student is getting a lot of attention for his creative solution to an every day problem. Dave’s creation is called the “Plugbook” and it is generating a lot of buzz for two reasons its has a clean design and it helps keep your pad tidy: it’s essentially a retractable extension cord (bear with me here) in which the spool is concealed in a rather conspicuous… Read More