President Delivers College Commencement Address


President Obama delivers the commencement address at Barnard College, where he’ll share the stage with Evan Wolfson, the founder of the pro-gay group Freedom to Marry. Later on Monday, he’ll appear as a guest on The View. His remarks come after Gov. Mitt Romney briefly reaffirmed his opposition to gay marriage on Saturday while addressing Liberty University, considered a conservative and Christian university. via Huffingtontpost

What Did The Last 10 Presidents Look Like In College?


Even the commander and chief was a freshman at one point. The leader and former leaders of our country did big things as presidents but there was a time when they were scrambling to make deadlines just like you. It is hard to get a sense of their youth when you look at pictures of them now, so I have assembled old school snapshots of the last 10 presidents of the USA…. Read More

Freshman At Berkeley Completely Tricks Out His Dorm [Vid]


Ever wanted a “ridiculously automated” dorm room with mechanical curtains? You are in luck. Derek Low, a freshman at UC Berkeley, has tricked out his room in an epic fashion. His abode, which he nicknamed BRAD (short for Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm) has automatic curtains, light sensors and music befitted for every time of day or emotional experience possible. When his room is on “romantic mode,” for example, music plays and the… Read More

7 Kiss Ass Quotes That Will Get You Motivated


There’s no doubt about it — classes, work, papers, projects, exams and everything else about college eventually tear you down. Days stuck in the library for hours, and in class can be boring and there are times when you loses your mojo. Times when choosing studying over Facebook and twitter is damn never impossible. As much as you want to skip studying and play Call of Duty instead, you’ve got to snap… Read More

How College Breaks Sometimes Breaks You


When I was just a young padawan, I longed for the summer days of freedom.  “Goodbye homework, goodbye books, goodbye teachers dirty looks.”  Even the smaller breaks like Christmas—because that’s what we called it back then—and spring break were Godsends to my vivacious soul. I’d compare the way I made use of that time to the way most convicts use theirs.  That is to say, I lived it up for a short… Read More

10 OTHER Things Martin Luther King Said (VID)


We’ve all heard piece of the “I Have A Dream” speech from the historic March on Washington. The popular DJ and vlogger Jay Smooth put together a video of some of the less-quoted passages from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., including some pointed criticisms of the Vietnam War and on the riots that rocked America’s cities in the 1960’s. WATCH: 1. Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted.  … Read More

Blue Engine: Students Teaching Students!

Blue Engine

Blue Engine recruits, trains, and supports a professional team of recent college graduates who work with students to accelerate academic achievement in public high schools. Blue Engine Teaching Assistants (BETAs) engage in one year of direct service to advance educational equity and excellence in America. Blue Engine advances excellence by placing teaching assistants in classrooms where they decrease the teacher-to-student ratio and collaborate with teachers to customize instruction, increase academic rigor, and… Read More

So Your Roommate Is Dying, Now What?


Regardless of how lame your roommate is, I think we would all want to know what to do if they were dying, right? So below I have outlined simple and easy steps on how to make sure your lovely roommate –who never cleans up after himselves– stays alive. And before you try and change your mind, remember WWJD (we want jelly donuts). I mean think about it, your roommate will owe you BIG… Read More

DROP ALL YOUR CLASSES: Robots Just Learned To Walk


Drop your classes and head to your nearest underground bunker because our robot overlords have just learned to walk on their own. The saddest part is that it was developed by students just like you and me from Nagoya Institute of Technology, is a public highest-level educational institution of science and technology located in Nagoya, Japan.

Personal Helicopters: Because Parking On Campus Sucks


While you struggle to find parking or take a half hour to get across campus to your lecture hall, I just hover there in my new multicoper. You Mad Bro! At least that is how we imagine it would sound if someone we  had a personal helicopter in college.