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How to Find a Date in the Library

Have you ever wonder how to find a date in the library, sure you have. Well lucky for you Bright Futura is on the up and up and is ready to give you the break down. You can thank us later!


Location, location, location. Scoping out a seat in the library is the key element to landing a date. Chances are, you won’t find a hottie while you’re hiding in the corner at a table for one tucked behind shelves of books. Know how to scope prime library real estate to get a date.

Below are few situations you might find yourself in while perusing the library.


1. Cutie in Power Outlet Proximity

how to meet guys in the library


Any cuties near a communal outlet? This is a perfect excuse to pick a spot to plug in (your laptop) close to a cutie. If sockets are individual and there are many taken, ask if you can charge up for a few minutes. This can give you the opportunity to spark some conversation. If everything seems pretty empty, just try to grab a spot close-by.


Take Notes:  If you are interested in meeting someone who could possibly be a potential mate be sure to look presentable. You don’t have to wear heels but save the pajamas for the dorm room.


2. Window Wonderful

how to meet girls in the library

People that sit next to the window are more likely to glance outside (a stunning statistic done by yours truly). Those who are glancing around are less engrossed in their studies and might be more open to conversing while in the library. It is true that a person can be looking away in deep thought, but you can usually tell by facial expression. If someone has any sort of constipation face or furrowing brow, do not approach.


3. Café CutieHow to meet girls in the library

Is there any seating by a café? This high traffic area can increase your number of easy-on-the-eye passers-by. Try to sit next to a table with open seating around then start working. Glance up every so often to check for hotties in your net of empty tables.


4. Walkways

hot girls in the library

Trying to find an actual book in a library? How are we supposed to remember how the system works when we learned decades ago in elementary school? Although it doesn’t take a brainiac to figure out, some parts to finding a specific book can get confusing. Scan the shelves to see if any beauties are walking through looking for something. Dropping a comment about finding books or asking a question are conversation starters.


Basics to attracting attractive bate: Don’t be afraid to walk around and get the lay of library land. Don’t be afraid to talk to people, unless they are obviously so deep in thought Rapunzel’s hair won’t help them climb out.

Always sit next to an open table. If that isn’t possible, use limited resources to your advantage by asking to share table space or an outlet.

Steer clear from overly obvious questions: “do you know when the library closes?” If your scoping for dates in the library, chances are you’re looking for smarties who won’t fall for lines like those.


 Take Note: Don’t forget to actually get work done!


You don’t want to be that person in the library just trying to land dates and not doing any work. Isn’t it annoying when people are walking around the gym talking to people without actually working out? Same rule applied here. You’ve got a brief window of time to work out where you’ll sit, but once you do, commit. Glance up only in between working or you’ll find yourself the creeper in the library no one wants to sit near.
Kelly Craig | Bright Futura Columnist

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