How To Deal With Professors Who Hate You

There are someone professors who don’t wait till Halloween to be horrifying and there are others who may just not like you.

Whatever your situation, these 7 tips can help you deal with a professor that hates you:

Talk It Out

Don’t assume that a professor hates you. If you really want to know, take the adult route and ask the professor about it during office hours. It’ll be kind of like asking a professor for feedback.  Perhaps in talking with your professor you might began to understand the root of the issue.

Behave Yourself

When someone is giving you grief, don’t give them a reason to lash out at you.  While you don’t have to become a teacher’s pet, you can try always arriving  on time, not sleeping or talking to much during lecture and turning assignments in when they are due. A model student is much harder for a professor (even a mean, evil one) to hassle.

Note: Always remember to turn your cell phone on vibrate during lecture. I have heard of some professors confiscating phones and even answering them in front of the class.

Make Friends

Collaborate with other students in your class on projects and assignments (without cheating, of course!). Other students that your professor doesn’t also hate, that is. While it might be easy to join up with other classmates who are also being tormented by the professor. It makes much more sense to try and get cozy with students who are already doing well in the class.

Let Someone Know

If your professor is really hostile, consider telling a trusted advisor, another faculty member, or someone in the dean’s office. Sharing your side of the story is a great way to protect yourself. While I wouldn’t recommend running to the administrators as a first resort I would suggest getting a second opinion when you honestly feel you are being unfairly treated.

Document Everything

Keep any notes, emails, and returned assignments and make a log of incidents. You need to have evidence of the professor’s evil deeds. Failing an exam doesn’t count especially if it’s multiple choice.

Empower Yourself

This is the perfect time to figure out what your rights and responsibilities are concerning professor conduct and what your next steps should be. Use online resources or visit your advisor to see if they can lead you in the right direction.

Kick It Up A Notch

If all of the above steps don’t help you deal with that evil professor, follow the process outlined in your research of your rights and responsibilities. This is the most extreme step you can take, so be very sure about it and have a support system in place to help you through it.

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Have You Ever Had An Evil Professor? How Did You Deal With It?

8 Comments on “How To Deal With Professors Who Hate You

    Talk about teachers GENERALLY only .They are all teachers and ARE the same EVERYWHERE. Worry about their unknown lies and their presumptions.

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  3. Try not to accept that a teacher loathes you. In the event that you truly need to know, take the grown-up course and get some information about it amid available time. It’ll be slightly like approaching an educator for input. Maybe in chatting with your educator you may started to comprehend the base of the issue.

  4. I have never been hated by professors, nor liked. I think there are some people whom professors really like them and give them good marks. Thank you for sharing the post.

  5. If you’re convinced that your professor hates you, that she has absolutely no reason for doing so, and that there’s nothing you can do to change her opinion, it’s time for Plan B. Of your ideal and realistic solutions, which ones seem most feasible? What can you do to help yourself make the most of your situation? Look to your friends, your classmates, tutors, other professors, and anyone else who can help. If you can’t change your professor’s opinion of you, you at least owe it to yourself to make sure you still get the most that you can out of your courses this semester.

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