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How To Build A Fashion Brand With No Experience [Video]

Speaking at the PSFK Conference NYC, Outlier co-founder Abe Burmeister describes how a punk-rock ethic helped him go from wanting to create a one-of-a-kind piece meant for personal use when cycling, to a mini-fashion empire that utilizes the web. With no formal training in the manufacturing of clothing, Burmeister’s inspiration took precedent over experience, and the rest is history.

What started as a personal need quickly transformed into a thriving business 

-all created and curated from someone who had aims to “consume” rather than “create.” The video is a candid and often times funny exploration as Burmeister walks the viewer through the hoops he had to jump through.

In this talk from PSFK CONFERENCE NYC, Abe Burmeister explains how a punk-rock ethos helped him create a business building a new niche in a market he had no experience in. Abe just wanted a pair of pants he could both ride his bike in and go to work in — and all his partner Tyler needed was a shirt that stayed fresh despite his pedal-powered commute.

The Outlier co-founder describes how the duo paired intensive research in New York’s garment district with the connectivity of the web to create Outlier — a performance fashion business that only sells over the web.

26 Comments on “How To Build A Fashion Brand With No Experience [Video]

  1. That was a wonderful speech by Abe Burmeister at the PSFK Conference. The story he told on how a punk-rock ethic helped him was worth hearing. Actually it was funny to know that a punk-rock ethos helped him create a business!

  2. I love this video and have to watch it so many times and we are providing perfect essay services online. Education is necessary all of them even without educated never beat anyone.

  3. If you're determined and enthusiastic about something, you can easily start a business in any field! Once you find the thing you love doing and the thing that makes you happy and fulfilled, it won't seem like business anymore

  4. Well, this seems easy enough. As you put it, everyone can create a new fashion brand. That's not an issue. The real challenge is keeping up with the competition, which in this field of work is pretty fierce

  5. When you try to do something big, you must know that everything need to be measured, so Abe Burmeister explained the entire process which helped him to build a mini-fashion empire. in this case we speak about a young with no experience, so he can be a good example for those who want to build something big.

  6. You just need a great vision and the ambition to see it through. It's not that hard to do if you really want it.

  7. So, i take it from this post that you actually started a fashion brand and it's going so well, right?

  8. Yeah, you make it sound so easy, but think about allthe people who have no idea what goes with green!

  9. When you try to do something like that you must know that to be succesful you have to be masterly.

  10. passion is a huge advantage whenever you want to start something on your own, so this would be pretty important too. Experience is also important, but you could never gain experience in something if you're not passionate about it.

  11. If you want to start a business on your own, you first need to have a budget and carefully plan it!

  12. Fashion today become a passion because everybody loves with fashion and max international team help the international clients who have interest in running and fitness level. Our team make plan for them

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