How Not to Die: During Finals ie: FINALGEDDON

No lie, it’s been a long time since I’ve been an undergraduate freshman, but now that I’m a graduate student freshman in a new school and a new state, I’m finding many parallels to then and now. To keep things interesting I will provide some sage-like advice from someone who has already graduated, in my series HOW NOT TO DIE IN COLLEGE (HOW NOT TO DIE INC).

How Not to Die: During Finals ie: FINALGEDDON

Finals are upon us, like the end times of Armageddon. I know time is sparse and everything seems like it’s crumbling around you, but in order to survive the horrors of Finalgeddon here are some tips I have learned to survive by.

1. Don’t panic!

Never panic. Yes, some people have 5 finals in one week, some people have 3 finals in one day. The worst think you can do is panic. You won’t be able to study, you won’t be able to concentrate and you just flounder around like a magikarp. Till you use Red Bull and….wait….magikarp is evolving….

2. Hyper Beam Your Life

This is how you should appear to your professor on Exam Day

Gyarados out. Yes, with one can of Red Bull or Five Hour Energy Drinks you too will have enough strength to survive Finalgeddon. Energy drinks aren’t good to use all semester, but for one or two nights of hard work they are life savers. Pull a few all nighters ( I prefer all dayers) to study your notes and study guide.
You have one week left of school go into hyper mode.

3. Talk To Your Professor

Top Secret: Teachers HELP the students who ask for HELP.

Your professor writes the exam so why not talk to them. NEVER be afraid to talk to your professor, they were students once too and they need you to pass.

  1.  If your teacher gave you a study guide, then DO IT. This may be a little unknown college fact: Teachers recycle tests. The study guide is often the test with the questions just worded differently.
  2. Email the professor. Ask them what’s going to be on the test. Ask them what type of test it is, (written, multiple choice, etc). Teachers HELP the students who ask for HELP.

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4. Rest.

I know friends who stayed up all night studying to the point that they slept through their alarm and didn’t get to take their final and trust me, professors DO NOT do make up finals. It’s called Finals for a reason.

Get your rest, get some sleep, your brain and body have been busy. Have some study breaks with some friends, go out to eat, watch your favorite show, play some video games, basically DISTRACT yourself (Watch this). Allowing your mind to rest is essential!

I hope you enjoyed his study break, work hard during finals. It’s a great way to close the year out nicely.

Leon Langford | Bright Futura Columnist

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