How Many Red Bulls Would It Take To Kill You?

It’s late, you’ve been working and studying for hours. Caffeine is pumping in your veins because you’ve drunk 2 Red Bulls and three cups of coffee in the last 6 hours.

If you drink a red bull now, what are the chances that you’ll die?

Lucky for you, the crazy people at energyfiend developed a tool that can solve problems just like this one.

Just enter your weight and type of beverage you are consuming and boom-bam it spits out a death dosage.

how much coffee is too much

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The reality is that this figure would instead result in a fatality due to water intoxication since 149.30 cans is far greater than the amount of water your body can consume. And of course, you would wish you were dead long before you actually became dead.

What is the most caffeine or energy drinks you’ve consumed in one day? What did it feel like?


Maximillian Garland

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4 Comments on “How Many Red Bulls Would It Take To Kill You?

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  3. Normal water intoxication, in the beginning, appears to be an extremely minor illness yet unbeknownst for some, water intoxication, or even dilutional hyponatremia, in case eventually left unattended can result in coma, actually passing away. click here

  4. Red bull is not good for health we all know that but still, a lot of people drink it daily without caring about their health if you drink it daily it will damage your health. So drink it once a week then it will not damage your health and I appreciate the effort you put into this article. Keep up!!!

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