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How Hard Is It For A PhD To Find A Job?

A consequence of the “Great Recession,” states across the country have been mired in debt and forced to make dramatic cuts to higher education. As funding for higher education constricts, fewer tenure track academic positions for recent graduates are opening as universities increasingly turn to economically cheaper adjunct and part-time professors to instruct their ballooning classes.

Amid this reduction in the demand for PhDs is the fact that the United States is producing a record number of doctorates. The result is a job crisis for PhD candidates and ultimately the diminished quality of education in America’s higher education system.

It’s all detailed in this new infographic from Click the infographic to enlarge!

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One Comment on “How Hard Is It For A PhD To Find A Job?

  1. I don’t think it’s going to be any kind of hard for him to find a job after his Ph.D. because nowadays every job wants higher education like Graduation, master’s, And Ph.D. and their main requirement is education if you have higher education then you can find a job easily.

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