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Grade The Avengers: Was It An A+ Movie?

grade the world

Why should teachers have all the fun? Grade The World lets you as the student fight back and grade the things around you. Everything from box of smashes to hot tech items and apps.




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Maximillian Garland| Bright Futura Columnist

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2 Comments on “Grade The Avengers: Was It An A+ Movie?

  1. It’s an A+ movie no doubt the story the fights and the fun all are outstanding you can’t say that this movie was not an A+ movie and think it’s more than A+ because this movie has become my favorite movie and I hope everyone will give it more than A+ because I enjoyed a lot watching this super hit.

  2. It’s more than that it’s more than an A+ grade you can’t say that The Avengers is a bad movie or it does not have the best story. Everything was perfect in this movie and I watched it more than 5 times so tell me how many times have you watched this movie?

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