George Mason University Junior I

Name: Travis Brown
Major: Business Management
Classification (freshman/sophomore/junior/senior): Junior
Year You’re Graduating: 2013

1. Now that you’ve been at George Mason University for 3 years what is your favorite thing about the university?

I like the business program here, how it prepares you for life after college. I also like many of the people here on the campus.

2. Besides Graduation, what are you looking forward to next year as a senior?

Umm lol I’m looking forward to being a little bit more independent, and to making the best out of my final year.

3. What organizations are you affiliated with on campus and why are you excited to be apart of them?

I am a member of the Black Student Alliance, G.E.N.T. Men, and Akoma Circle Mentoring program. They provide excellent ways to move the black community forward as a group.

4. Where are some the best places to visit, shop, or eat at in Fairfax and how far away are they?

Fair Oaks mall is a regular standby for me. I also like Tyson’s Corner and Pentagon City. One of my favorite places to eat is Guapo’s which is right in Fairfax in Fair Lakes.

5. As a Junior you should be working on classes on your major now. What’s your major and how are the classes treating you?

Business Management. They’re hard man. Business classes are very underrated in terms of difficulty.

6. George Mason University is touted as the most diverse University in the nation. How do you believe the schools diverse population has impacted your academic and social lifestyle?

Yes I do, it has allowed me to get some insight into other cultures and become more familiar with them.

7. What is there to do on the weekends at George Mason? Parties, student organizations, visit home?

A lot of people do visit home, because there usually isn’t a whole lot to do here on the weekends. Sometimes there are parties, but most of the time you have to make or find your own fun.



8. If there is one thing you would like to add to George Mason University what would it be? Then one thing you think the campus could do without?

I would add a FOOTBALL TEAM! (Editor’s Note: Hell yeah!) I think we can do without parking services and parking passes. There should be more free parking on campus.

9. What are some the best kept secrets on campus (ie. Free places to print, best teachers, etc. Places/people/things that you think people don’t know about on campus but really should)?

There is a place to go where you can have free printing, but I won’t say where haha. There are a lot of great teachers on campus people should know about, and of course everyone should know me haha.

10. What would you tell to incoming freshmen about George Mason University to prepare them for the transition from high school senior to college freshman?

I’d let them know two things. One, not studying might have been fine in high school, but that’s not going to fly in college. Two, you need to get yourself out there and network. It is extremely important to get your name out and to meet as many people as you can.


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