George Mason University Freshman I

Name: Sarah Harvard

Major: Government and International Politics, Pre-Med, and minor in Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Classification (freshman/sophomore/junior/senior): Freshman

Year You’re Graduating: 2015

1. Why did you pick George Mason University? Where if any, other schools did you apply too?

I applied to American, UChicago, Cornell, Rutgers, and the list goes on and on.


2. How different is college from high school? What would you tell any graduating high school senior about going to college?

College is different in a lot of aspects. First we have the diversity, not only culturally, but regionally. We have diversity in values, beliefs, political affiliation, and interests. We have the style of classes that are different from high school. We also are obligated to be responsible. There are so many different organizations on campus to get involved and meet people that share your interests. The only advice I’d give to incoming students is to be yourself. I know it’s a very cliche term, but this is exactly what your college experience is about. You’re looking to find out what your purpose is in life and exactly who you are.


3. Do you commute or live on campus? If you commute how is parking? If you live on campus what were your expectations for having a roommate?

I live on campus in President’s Park. I live in a Global Affairs LLC. We’re not that diverse culturally speaking; but we all do have something different to bring to the table. My floor is incredibly close; and I have a lot of friends from different student org. So you have to compromise your social life or your living conditions. At the beginning of the year, my roommate situation was a little rocky. I ended up switching rooms this semester in the same floor, and I get a long with my new roommate quite fine. I love Park. I usually find myself in Monroe’s first or second floor. I also have a lot of upperclassmen friends; I would say that I live in Sandbridge part time.

4. George Mason University touts itself as the most diverse school in the nation, how do you think the diverse population helps expose you to new cultures on campus?

I am all about cultural awareness! In all honesty, I feel that our university can do a lot more to bring about cultural celebration. I attended a Filipino Dinner, I helped out with the Student Government Diversity Pot Luck Dinner, and plan on helping out with International week. We have a lot of different groups; and it’s up to the students to decide to get involved!


5. If you were giving a tour of campus to freshmen where would you take them, that most tour guides wouldn’t take them to?

I would take them to the North Plaza at night. That is my favorite spot. It’s something about it that is enchanting when it’s lit during the dark. It feels as if it is a masterpiece of a Disney cartoon. It’s also located in the free speech zone. I also love going to the quad during the day or night and just bring my blanket to lay down and chill. No one sits around on campus; I think we all should just stop and enjoy our surroundings. Let time still. It also makes me feel like a college student.


6.What is there to do on the weekends at George Mason? Parties, student organizations, visit home?

I like hanging out with friends, going to parties, and attend a few conferences that Mason has to offer.



7. Do you have a college bucketlist (list of things you want to do before you graduate)?

I want to do the following things before I leave Mason: Bring Ron Paul to campus, become a president of some organization, actively fulfill my role as a student body representative in Student Government, and visit every single dorm in Mason.


8. If there is one thing you would like to add to George Mason what would it be? Then one thing you think the campus could do without?

One thing I’d like to add to Mason is a interfaith center for all religions including atheism. As an institution that boasts about our diversity; it’d be nice to see students integrate and show the beauty of diversity. Also, I’d love to have a mural where students can paint whatever they want. Similar to the Cubes near south side, but something much, much larger.


9. What are some the best kept secrets on campus (ie. Free places to print, best teachers, etc. Places/people/things that you think people don’t know about on campus but really should)?

You can climb on top of the HUB and sit and look at the stars at night. Professors are really nice (I promise). The Prince William-Fairfax shuttle drops you off the Manassas Mall; you can have a one stop shop to Walmart, Target, Macy’s, and all your favorite brand stores there. At the Hub’s Info Desk, they have a list of events going on in the ballrooms – a lot of time those events are open and you can get free food!


10. As a freshman, what are you most looking forward to in your future time at George Mason?

I’m just looking forward to further investigate my purpose as a productive student and representative of the student body. I hope I can share and enjoy my memories with others. I hope to make a long lasting impact with my peers and create better change for the institution as a whole.

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