George Mason Junior II

Name: Helena
Major: Global Affairs
Classification (freshman/sophomore/junior/senior): Junior
Year You’re Graduating: 2013

1. Now that you’ve been at George Mason University for 3 years what is your favorite thing about the university?

I really love my major and all the great things I’m doing here. I’ve had such great professors and continue to meet such wonderful people. I’ve also been able to have an internship at National Public Radio, where I hope to work one day while going to school. Since Mason is close to Washington D.C. the internship opportunities are boundless, allowing you to take internships during the school year. Not only can you go to school and do an internship so you don’t have to give away your summer, but you tend to have less people applying during the school year than during the summer since most college students are vying for internship during the summer.

2. Besides Graduation, what are you looking forward to next year as a senior?

I’m looking forward to hopefully traveling once I save up money. I would really love to travel all over the world one day, so I’m hoping I can find time (and money) to do that.

3. What organizations are you affiliated with on campus and why are you excited to be apart of them?

I’m the Vice President of Amnesty International, an organization on campus that I’ve been involved with since my freshmen year at George Mason. I am a huge supporter of human rights and educating others on human rights issues. Amnesty is a very reputable organization and we do a lot of great stuff on campus to address certain human rights issues that we are passionate about. I’m also involved with George Mason’s newly formed Invisible Children club, an organization that works to help end the longest ongoing in war in Central Africa as a result of the Lord’s Resistance Army and Joseph Kony. The goal of Invisible Children is to help bring home child soldiers that have been abducted by the LRA and building rehabilitation centers for them. We have a large group of passionate, committed individuals which keeps me going. I’m also involved in Close Knit, a knitting club that’s newly formed and is hoping to do craft and knitting projects to benefit the community.

4. Where are some the best places to visit, shop, or eat at in Fairfax and how far away are they?

I’m a huge fan of Bernie’s Deli which is about a five minute walk from campus. Bernie’s is a great New York style deli that offers quality ingredients and really great sandwiches. The price is a bit much, but you’re really paying for two sandwiches with how much you get.

5. As a Junior you should be working on classes on your major now. What’s your major and how are the classes treating you?
I’m a Global Affairs major minoring in Electronic Journalism. So far, I’ve enjoyed all of my classes here at Mason. Mason has some of the best professors in their field and I’ve been able to learn so much from them from economics to conflict analysis and resolution. I might be a nerd, but I really enjoy school and learning.

6. George Mason University is touted as the most diverse University in the nation. How do you believe the schools diverse population has impacted your academic and social lifestyle?

I’ve always enjoyed what different people, from diverse backgrounds bring to the table. In my academics, which are mostly discussion based, I’ve learned about different cultures and identities from my classmates through their experiences.

7. What is there to do on the weekends at George Mason? Parties, student organizations, visit home?

I usually study or hang out with friends. I’m really busy during the week so the weekend tends to be my only time to actually do some work. However, I like hanging with my friends while watching a movie or going to D.C. There are also really great performances at the Center for the Arts, which is a world-class auditorium where various arts come through from all over the world. I’ve been able to see so many incredible symphony orchestras from Russia, London, and the Netherlands for Free! The Center for the Arts is one of the things that I think people at Mason really take for granted.

8. If there is one thing you would like to add to George Mason University what would it be? Then one thing you think the campus could do without?

I would really like to see more tradition at Mason. I think because we’re a “new” school in comparison to other schools in Virginia, we don’t have any real traditions. That’s just something that’s going to take time.

I don’t really have anything that Mason could do without. I’m really happy here and I don’t have many, if any, complaints at all.


9. What are some the best kept secrets on campus (ie. Free places to print, best teachers, etc. Places/people/things that you think people don’t know about on campus but really should)?

A lot of people don’t know, but you can print up to 15 pages for free at the Office of Diversity Programs and Services (Editor’s Note: YES!)! I also think that people should utilize the free tickets offered at the Center for the Arts. I’m always surprised to find out how many incredible and world-renowned dance companies, theater companies, and symphony orchestras that come to Mason and students can go for FREE! I’d also suggest that students take advantage of all the great student performances on campus through the Theater department, plus going into D.C. where the Smithsonian Museums are free.

10. What would you tell to incoming freshmen about George Mason University to prepare them for the transition from high school senior to college freshman?

Time management. What I’ve seen, specifically as an RA on campus, is that freshmen come to college realizing how much “free time” they have. Freshmen, and upperclassmen too, slack off thinking that they have all this time, but they actually don’t do work and then their grades slip. Managing your time between fun and play is something I really stress to incoming students. Plus, I think people need to make the effort to meet other people and join organizations. College is what you make it and your college can only do so much for you, but if you don’t take advantage of it you’re not getting the full experience that your college has to offer.

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