Free App Makes Creating Notecards Stupid Easy Yo!

Ok, so basically making flash cards takes time, and time doesn’t grow on trees, right? Of course it doesn’t idiot. You might know that apples are the things that grow on tree’s if you used StudyBlue. What is StudyBlue you ask? Ahh lemme tell you young honey child.

What is it?

StudyBlue is a cute widdle webapp that lets you create bad ass muthaf***ing digital flash cards directly from notes you take in class or anywhere else. You can also take the cards you create just about anywhere with mobile apps for iPhone and Android.  Even to Space! Provided you get service in space. I know, total nerd boner.

How much?

Best of all, StudyBlue is absolutely free. (Notice how I said absolutely free, and not just free. There isn’t really a difference but ya know it sounds more free in a way.)

However, there is a catch.

There always is. If your college hasn’t been added to their list of schools you’ll have to wait a bit for it to be approved. This seems to be to your benefit because StudyBlue lets you add specific classes, but it’s kind of annoying as you have to wait a day if your school isn’t on the list. Nonetheless, once you’re in you can start taking notes and making flash cards from those notes.

In short, if you’re studying for finals and need some help, StudyBlue is a great (absolutely free) option.

by Maximillian Garland

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