Florida Students Caught Having Sex On Courthouse Picnic Table

Many people leave courthouses feeling screwed. These two young lovebirds did, too.

Police said two University of Florida students were caught having sex on a picnic table at the construction site of a federal courthouse in Jacksonville, Fla., according to WJXT-TV.


Jarred Dauth, 21, and Maya Manseur, 23, managed to climb a 6-foot fence to get to the spot where they were seen naked having sex, according to a police report.

Both suspects have been charged with indecent exposure and trespassing.

Barstool Sports notes that the alleged transgression took place on the weekend the Florida Gators football team took on their hated rivals, the Georgia Bulldogs.

In light of this fact, the blog argues the charges against the couple should be dropped.


“I thought this was one of those weekends where anything goes,” one Barstool blogger writes.

The allegedly voyeuristic Gators are just one of the couples cuffed for public copulation over the last several weeks.

Last month, a Charleston, S.C. twosome was arrested after cops say they found them having sex inside a museum, according to KLTV.

The Smoking Gun reported in October on a pair of straphangers who were arrested for having sex on a public bus in Montoursville, Pa.

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