Example of a lame ass blog post

Obviously you are reading this because you either are curious about writing better articles for your follow college students or you want money. (The later is probably more likely). So instead of trying to fluff this article up with nonsense I am going to get write to the bread and butter.


Have An Good Idea

Writing an article on your opinion of space exploration is fine…but do it on your own site. Bright Futura is a site for relevant college content. While I recognize that there are probably 100s of other students who are into space travel, its more effective to target topics with large appeal. Especially if want people to share your article with their friends. And since the title of the article is 10 Easy Ways To Write An Article That Gets 50 Likes, I am assuming that is your objective.

One thing you are going to have to realize very early on is that most people aren’t reading your article

Hence the reason I bolded the above statement. While reading this article you probably

  • Read the titles of each numbered subtopic
  • Then looked at the bold words
  • Looked at the images and comments.

If you were slightly interested in what you saw than maybe, just maybe, you decided this article would be worth your 2 min attentions span.

So what does this mean?

It means you have to write with a direction and purpose or not at all. Look back over each article you write and ask yourself would I share this? Would I give this article an A+? Would I take the time out of my busy schedule to read this?

We as students, hell we as people, are constantly being inundated with unnecessary information on a daily basis.

Do you really want to be a part of that. I hope not!

Do Research!

If you — by some rare chance– have an new idea for an article that nobody else on the internet consider writing, ask yourself two questions:

1. Has nobody written on this topic because nobody cares? or 2. Am I not looking hard enough for similar articles information on this topic?

Most blog posts or information on the internet is either stupid, boring, hard to read, irrelevant or all the above.

This really good for writers like you because you can easily see what is worth writing about and breakdown how it can be rewritten.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to make a cooler wheel and tell people you invented it.

Consider the article I recently wrote on 20 billionaire college dropouts. Is it the first time anyone has ever ask this question? No. Is it the most reader friendly article on google… yup. People don’t like to do work, so don’t make them. If there is something relevant to the topic link to it or make it fit into what you are talking about. Side note: always give the readers space to read. For example look at the space below.

The Three Types of Content In Articles

There are only 3 types of blog posts.

1. Time sensitive articles: Breaking news and trending topics

2. Robustly Informative and insightful article: These types of articles answer questions and/or challenger readers to challenge themselves

3. Community based articles: These articles aren’t center on what they say but on what other say about them. They are funny, controversial and entertaining.

Have a voice

What’s the difference between reading the Washington Post and reading someones personal blog…EVERYTHING. The way people convey things in a blog makes them honest, it makes them original, it makes them worth reading. As a writer for Bright Futura you need to take ownership of this responsibility.

You aren’t a student journalist, you are student blogger. There is a huge difference.

Blogs are a platform for you to speak you mind in anyway you know how. They don’t require you to be a lame ass Clark Kent wanna be. Parading around your high brow vocabulary and talking down to your readers. Think of your readers as a friend circle and talk to them in the same way. You same way you would text, tweet, comment or chat with a friend.

You don’t have to talk like Woodward and Bernstein to write quality articles like them.

Things you wouldn’t do for a newspaper that you can do for Bright Futura:

  • Curse (no excessively but when appropriate)
  • Make clever references to pop/odd subculture
  • Make fun of people (without bullying)
  • Use gifs images + videos to make your point

Answer a Question People Are Truly Asking

If there is something going on around the world that you are interested in, than other students might also be interested in it. Just make sure that it is college related or spun to be so. You might not think that the story on the Face Eating Zombie On Bath Salt appeals to our readers but it did. The internet was buzzing with articles about Bath Salt and zombies. It wasn’t a student focused topic necessary but I assure students (as human beings) were interested in finding out What The Deal With Bath Salt was.

And just to be consistent, I made an effort to highlight the many student related attacks during the zombie apocalypse.

As I stated personally, it is extremely important to create quality content for the web. The are millions of articles on the Zombie Attack but

Make it easily digestible

While I am sure that the grapes of wrath was an excellent book, when I was in high school I sparknoted it. In fact I sparknoted a lot of books. And during college (despite what I was told) I used wikipedia to research things for my essay topics. You watch trailers to find out if you are interested in a movie. And you read the back of the book to find out if you want to buy it. The same logic applies to the way we bloggers at Bright Futura write articles.

We live in a society with an attention span of monkeys, and not the cool astronaut kind. Regardless of how good you think your voice is, understand that most readers will not spend the time to read it, unless it is easily digestible. If your article is

a block of text
with no images
no proper spacing
no bullets
and no numbering to help guide the reader along

Than be sure that your article will not get shared as often or perhaps at all. If I share something with friend or on my wall it is a reflection on me. Remember that! Remember that our readers have to able to actually read the articles to enjoy them.

This isn’t Reddit, New York Times, or any of the other block text websites with tiny font.

We want for our readers what we have always wanted from the internet. Quality easily accessible information

Add humor

You don’t have to be Seth Green to be funny. You just have to be yourself. If you aren’t funny with words, read and watch more funny things on the internet. If you can’t for the life of you be funny, than be sarcastic or clever. If all else fails add a meme or gif. Seriously , people fucking love those things.


Feed the google spiders: How to SEO the shit out of an article

I by no stretch of the imagination am an SEO expert. WTF is SEO you ask? SEO stands for search engine opitization and it is how websites become relevant to search engines like google. There are plenty of sites that explain how to be awesome at SEO so I wont pretend to be them, instead all give you some reference to check out and give you a basic breakdown of what you can do easily to help out your SEO.

Link internally
Relevant external linking
Unique Content
Only using Heading size 2 a few times in your article
Crediting images and describing them
Using the Yoast pluggin

Images, videos, and call to action.

Images that you use can make or break our article. They need to both be relevant but also well placed.

You can’t simply at Cheezburger cat images to an article on roommates and call it a day.

There are three types of images in every article that should be considered.

1. The Featured image: The image that appears in the featured slider

featured image

2. Article images: Maybe any size that you want. You can wrap text around your images as well as center them (see video)

3. Thumbnail images: Are what the reader sees when the article is shared on facebook.

Adding a signature and call to action!

All articles need to have a signature and source. If you wrote the contents of the article than no source is required.Furthermore getting readers to engage and leave comments is challenging but not impossible. By asking readers questions you can encourage them to share their opinions.

By Maximillian Garland

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